Abura Soba Bura Bura Restaurant in Shinjuku: Healthy Oil Noodles

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan

Brothless ramen? Yes, it is a thing. Abura Soba is a lesser known type of japanese noodles, but is also as flavorful. It's directly translated to "Oil Noodles" but it is one of the healthier options in Japan when it comes to noodles. I first chanced upon this in Shinjuku, in Tokyo and I instantly fell in love with the flavor of this.

When we went to Tokyo last February, we had lunch in this very tiny shop in Shinjuku- Abura Soba Bura Bura. Abura Soba directly translates to "Oil" and "Buckwheat noodles".  This shop is tiny, but makes really good use of the space. And they have awesome Abura Soba.

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan


Abura Soba Bura Bura Noodle Shop

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan

Here's what they have to offer:

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan

How to eat Abura Soba:

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan

We got a couple orders of Gyoza (280 Yen or Php 129) and their Char Siu Oiled Ramen Noodles (940 Yen or Php 436). We added some Shredded Char Siu Rice (330 Yen or Php 153) for the kids which they devoured in a snap.

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan

The Food Verdict:

If I get the chance to come back, I am ordering this again, with extra bamboo shoots and more egg. OMG, the taste of this is superb. The oil noodles are really packed with umami flavor and does not feel oily at all. It also did not trigger my dizziness which is a proof for me that it is in fact healthy noodles. And I really wanna know how to marinate those bamboo shoots- they are so yummy, a bit sweet and light but savory enough to complement the sauce of the noodles.

The price of the noodles is pretty standard for me considering that a bowl of Ramen Nagi here in the PH is at 450 Php on estimate. And the quality is pretty spot on authentic. Which it should be- we are after all in Japan hahahah!

The gyoza could have made more improvements, like a thinner wrapper I guess. But then again it is because I am in Japan that I have higher expectations when it comes to this. The flavor of the dumpling is served by the sauce and the leeks on top, which is a bit overboard for me personally.

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan
The Dumplings and Char Siu Abura Soba Soy Sauce

The Char Siu on rice thing though, I really want to recreate.I think this is a rice bowl that can be recreated at home IF you have the right seasoning and sauces to marinate the char siu with. It also has a bit of "oil sauce" that I think is the same with what you can get with the abura soba.

Aburasoba Bura Tokyo Japan
Shredded Char Siu Rice

All in all, price is fair for the quality of dishes that they give out. I am excited to come back, hopefully after all the 2020 drama is over.. :D

They have 10 stores open around Tokyo, namely in Akasaka, Kyobashi, Akihabara, Kitashinagawa, Yokohama, Isezakicho, Tsurugamine, Hiratsuka, Fujisawa, and this one that we went to in Shinjuku.

You can check them out on IG at @aburasoba_bura2 or their website at bura-2.com

Abura Soba Bura Bura
11:00 AM- 11:00 PM
1-13-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Matsubara Building B1 ABC Mart Basement
(5 min. walk from Shinjuku Station)


  1. whaaaat!? this is such a weird concept for a ramen! I love it <3 Can't wait to try it when I get back to Japan ^_^

  2. Good food! Nakakagutom. We are all familiar with the usual ramen -- with broth and all, but little do we know that there are actually a lot of noodle varieties out there. Like tsukemen which still amazes me.

  3. This is my first time hearing about this kind of ramen. I'll definitely keep note of this for when I visit Japan again or when I get a chance to drop by Jap resto/ramen places here in the metro. Hopefully we have that here. :)