Tour The Catsup Museum While at Home Virtually

It can be difficult to find new ways to be creative in keeping up with our kid's need for activity and routine while in quarantine. I think I've exhausted almost every kid friendly recipe, and the kids are already wishing that they can actually go outside or go to their make believe world in minecraft.

Thank goodness that museums can also be visited virtually nowadays!

One of them is The Catsup Museum, founded in 2017 by NutriAsia in partnership with The Mind Museum. The Catsup Museum features the story of the well loved and uniquely Pinoy banana catsup, showing visitors a deeper understanding of its history and how it’s made, with rich visuals and impressive displays.

Banaquet Hall(1)

Home to beloved household names like UFC, Papa, Jufran and Mafran, NutriAsia set up The Catsup Museum in order to promote the Filipino virtues of ingenuity, resourcefulness and hard work, which all go into each bottle of banana catsup.

TCM Facade(1)

The Catsup Museum Goes VIRTUAL!

This July, The Catsup Museum goes online, hosting a virtual tour and an interactive module to provide banana-mazing learning resources for kids of all ages. The virtual tour takes viewers around the interactive exhibits of the museum, while giving in- depth commentary and even mini quizzes per area. With a trusty banana acting as a guide, the tour also offers 360 o viewing, allowing the audience to click and drag their mouse or move their mobile phone around to see every angle.

Maria Ylaga Orosa Hall(1)

The Catsup Museum virtual tour starts off at the Hall of the Natural History of Banana. Here, parents and their kids can learn more about the condiment’s main ingredient, including where it was first planted, its life stages and the nutrients it gives. Following this is the Maria Ylagan Orosa Hall, named after the Filipina food technologist, chemist, humanitarian, and war heroine who invented banana catsup.

Then, viewers are taken behind the scenes into how each bottle of catsup is made in the Manufacturing Hall, a replica of the factories used by NutriAsia. Rounding up the tour is the Banquet Hall, which features larger-than-life food displays representing dishes banana catsup can be enjoyed with. For kids who love videos and games, The Catsup Museum will also be launching an interactive module entitled Banana 101. Centered on the wonder fruit, kids can enjoy a series of entertaining activities that will teach them everything about the banana, from its history and life cycle, to how they are grown and processed into the food they eat.

Manifacturing Hall(1)

The Catsup Museum’s digital resources are all part of Homeschool: Masarap Matuto, Masaya Mag-Aral, NutriAsia’s first ever learning platform made to spark curiosity in every child. Carving a new path to learning for parents and children alike, the selection of educational materials will cover topics such as health and nutrition for yourself and the family sponsored by Papa, and an introduction to beloved Philippine fruits care of Locally, and will be launched through NutriAsia’s website very soon.

To learn more about The Catsup Museum and to access its digital learning resources, visit


  1. Catsup Museum?! OMG This is amazing! We Pinoys knows exactly our catsups and we love it the way we do it.

  2. Knowing that it is possible to tour this museum virtually is so fantastic! I like the way evenuseums are adapting to the changes brought by the pandemic.

  3. Wow catsup museum? I have never heard of this. Will check out the virtual tour

  4. meron pala talagang catsup museum! akala ko ginawa lang para sa online learning generation. nako i have to put this on my list to go to when covid is over and will def check out their learning modules

  5. This is my first time to hear about a museum tour virtually. I wonder how will they do it.

  6. I've read about this on Facebook the other day and went to the virtual museum with my son. We enjoyed the trivias and watched the process of doing catsup. :) Super nice!