All You Need to Know About RELX E- Cigarette Philippines

This Chic Mix Feature Post is intended for my readers who are 18 years old and above. Especially to those who want an easier transition out of their cigarette addiction. Also, please note that this product contains Nicotine, which is an addictive chemical.

Ever been in that position of wanting to quit something but you definitely cannot quit it ASAP cause, well, you're already addicted?
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Well, it is POSSIBLE to switch to a healthier, safer smoking alternative.

My husband was in the same position before. The thing here is, he used to be a smoker, but when he really wanted to quit, he found it too difficult. So his easier way out is to use Vape. After all, according to Cancer Research UK, they stated that vape devices are far less harmful with lower levels of toxicants in e-cigarettes compared to tobacco-based cigarettes.

RELX Techonology is Asia’s no. 1 e-cigarette brand. They give adult smokers a new option to wean from conventional cigarettes for a better alternative. The technology is created by ex Uber Head of Operations in China, Kate Wang. The vaping product, developed in China, launched last year in the Philippines, offering a world-class vaping product at an affordable price.

The RELX Starter Kit

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RELX is pronounced as 'relax' and is intended for smokers who want more sustainable alternatives.

The RELX pod is known to be a 'closed system' pod, with a 350 mAh capacity battery that you can charge with almost any micro usb cable. Said pods are pre filled with a 3% and 5% nicotine salt e-liquid. Their pods are meant to be easy to use cause you don't have to refill with your own e-liquid.

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All you gotta do is to connect the battery and the pod. No pushing of buttons needed to open it with their auto function.

Just snap and go. Any smoker can pick this and be vaping in a couple of minutes.

The finish of this e-cigarette is some form of matte aluminum. This makes it feel sleek and smooth to the touch, and of good quality while maintaining to be quite light on the pockets that you won't feel it much. It is such a pleasure to hold. This also makes it slip in and out of pockets with ease. According to their website, you can get up to 650 pulls per pod, which can cover an old smoker's vaping needs of up to 4 days.

My personal favorite RELX starter kit color is the Navy Blue and this Red one that got sent to me. They are classic colors that can also act as a fashion accessory while being discreet.


They are also available in the variants of:
  • Classic Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Space Gray
  • Turquoise 
They also have the Celestial series, which features the stunning variants of Sunset Glow, Solar Eclipse, Mystic Aurora and their newest, Radiant Nebula.

RELX also has a wide range of pod flavors at 2ml per piece unlike others that have less. Their flavors are Mango, Lemon Tea, Blueberry, Grapefruit, Ludou Ice, Fresh Cucumber, Mint, Classic Tobacco, Banana, Greentea, Peach Oolong, and Icy Slush. The pods are sold in sets of 3 for Php 799 and are on sale right now in Lazada for 270 per pod.

While others might not like that it is a closed pod system, I find that this set up really can help one to limit their smoking habits eventually, basically like trying to go on a diet.

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All RELX starter kits comes with 1 vape electronic cigarette, charger, and 1 pod priced at Php 1,599.00

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  1. My dad smokes a lot. We have been telling him to try e-cigarettes for a while now, will recommend him relx

  2. That looks pretty unique. Unlike other stuff I've seen my officemates use--though it was a gadget or a powerbank.

  3. So colorful and handy. Perfect for those people na hindi mahilig magdala ng bag. I’ll recommend this to my officemates na vape users.

  4. But hey if you really want to lose your smoking addiction, there are other ways such as sauna & exercise. There are also therapies for that. I'm not really a fan of vape or smoking but its great that these products are innovating towards less dangerous alternatives!

  5. Wala na gumagamit sa amin ng cigarettes sa family. I have some friends na gumagamit pero yung usual na cigarette. I can recommend this to them para atleast healthy naman to at mas safe compared dun sa usual

  6. I'll recommend this to my boyfie! He quit smoking and then went to vaping, pero bumalik ulit sa dati huhu! At least with this one, it's safer and also cheaper too!

  7. Really a good news for people who wants to quit smoking. Even though there are other methods like patches, the slowly-but-surely way to wean with this e-cigarette will be helpful.

  8. Great colors of this brand ha! I have a friend who has these. Very easy to handle and use.

  9. I will recommend it to my friends para mag quit na sila sa pag smoke. Ang simple pati ng design nya and manipis lang.

  10. I hope this is a step for smokers to break the habit. I do love the design and how modern and futuristic it is. I might just recommend this to my smoker friends. Haha

  11. I don't smoke but I'm curious if, aside from its benefits over traditional cigarettes, is it cheaper to vape?

  12. I'll share this post sa kapatid ko at mga titos na naninigarilyo... baka sakaling magustuhan nila.

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  14. I have friends who vapes, the downside is it's too heavy and bulky. I'm glad there are better substitute like RELX, as you can easily place them in your pocket plus it comes in different colors!

  15. Wow, this would definitely be a great of help to those who are into the old cigarette, and definitely be a good shift for them to avoid unfortunate circumstances. And of course the cigarette sticks trash will be reduced. This new technology should be taken into consideration.

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