Mountain Dew Ice: Break the Ice and your Barriers plus a Taste Test Review

I've always been inclined to follow passion and my curiosity on my life in general. This want of getting what my heart wanted meant going beyond my limits. It meant shattering the barriers and impressions imposed by those around me. And now, I finally got to define my own brand of cool.

I've had 3 things that helped me pursue this though- especially when it comes to writing. God, my husband and of course, all the late nighters of thesis or freelance writing gigs are all made with Mountain Dew.

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Mountain Dew, is for the thrill seekers at heart. And this brand now empowers you too, to break the ice and genuinely express yourself with their newest offering, Mountain Dew Ice. 

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Mountain Dew Ice to me is this crisp, clear, carbonated drink with a splash of real lemon and lime with a kick of Dew. The carbonated part is not too strong for the throat, smooth as always with Mountain Dew.

That kick is what gives me that boost that I need- be it for something outrageous as sky diving or something like pulling up an all nighter. This is also low calorie with only 100kcal per 12oz serving. Mountain Dew Ice is definitely a breakthrough in cool for Dewds to stay refreshed and energized all day.

To kick start Mountain Dew Ice's launch, the first ever interactive YouTube Live event was held last night. It was indeed fun with live games, cool hangout segments led by Mountain Dew brand endorser James Reid along with Ylona Garcia, Ronnie Alonte, and Kyle Echarri. It also featured special performances by Dew icebreakers Parokya ni Edgar, The Itchyworms, and Skusta Clee who showed how they found success by staying relentlessly true to who they are, in the pursuit of their own version of cool.
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PS: PNE and Itchyworms have been around for a really long time, always staying true until they created their own "cool" status. To me- they're the best part of the concert, as they definitely embody the kick or boost that Mountain Dew gives!

mountain dew ice

You can get your own Mountain Dew Ice in selected online and retail stores nationwide now in 300ml PET at P13 SRP and 600ml PET at P28 SRP.

“We’re really excited to introduce our coolest new product Mountain Dew Ice, to give Filipinos a refreshing lemon-lime beverage with an extra kick,” says Mountain Dew Philippines’ CSD Flavors Category Manager, Melai Lazaro-Javier. “With our campaign, we want to remind everyone that when it comes to pursuing their passions, sometimes you have to break the ice to reach your goal. And Mountain Dew Ice is there to always give you that much-needed boost!”

mountain dew ice

The YouTube Live event culminated with a new music video featuring James, alongside Bret Jackson and Astro Kidd, for an original song by the trio from Careless Music Manila.You can check out the feature here:

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Specially blended with a mouth-watering mix of lemons and limes to give you that extra kick, the new Mountain Dew Ice is the answer for those who dare to go their own way.

For more information about Mountain Dew Ice, visit Mountain Dew’s Facebook page,

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  1. Looks really interesting to try this. Do they have zero sugar versions of this?