My Top Faves from Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

I usually go to Uniqlo for my travel essentials with their Heattech and Lifewear clothing lines. While we can't travel with today's new norms, I am pretty sure that we are mostly going on meetings online, and sometimes, you really need to dress up a bit even if there's no occasion to gain a bit of confidence and not get stuck in a rut. UNIQLO Lifewear's current Fall/Winter Collection for this 2020 screams comfort and style in your own home- or out when buying for essentials!

uniqlo cover
Here are some of my fave items from each collection- from AIRism to Hana Tajima and more!

Hana Tajima Uniqlo Colleciton: Designs to Better Express Your True Self 

UNIQlO 20FW Hana Tajima (6)
New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima, is a believer in UNIQLO and its LifeWear concept. Her collection and designs expresses the rich cultural diversity in our world featuring universal designs. The focus of course is on detail and comfort—highlighting elegant forms and an easy fit.

These are clothes that adapt flexibly to women’s bodies as they subtly change with progression to each life stage, warmly supporting the everyday lives of all women.

UNIQLO 20FW Hana Tajima (3)

Ines de la Fressange x UNIQLO: A Homage to Feminine Freedom from the Epitome of French Chic

Uniqlo has also collaborated with global fashion icon Ines de la Fressange to create
essential wear based on the LifeWear concept of high quality clothing that makes life. The collection is created with comfortable apparel that reveals women’s beauty in mind.
Said collection is inspired by individuals who symbolized female freedom and independence in the 1970s as well as giving salut to the enduring inspiration for women today.


Some of the known fashion leaders and symbols of women's liberation during that decade areJane Birkin, Ali MacGraw, and Diane Keaton.

AIRism: Comfort and Style by UNIQLO Lifewear

The collection is made perfectly for one mile wear, for working at home, and for staying healthy and active at home or outdoors. It features not only clothes but also items you can use at home such as bed sheets and pillowcases that give maximum comfort via their comfort conditioning technology, which wicks away moisture, releases heat and absorbs sweat.

AIRism Sheet (Single)
I really love this collection cause it is perfectly suited to our weather. Plus, dressing up does not mean hot and humid if you have AIRism in your wardrobe.
Feat. the queen herself: Ms. Pia Wurtzbach!
You can order in UNIQLO via their website or online app, and you can be sure that deliveries via these platforms can come in within a week or less.If you live nearby a Uniqlo store, they also have a pick-up option so you won’t need to pay for a delivery fee.While you can still shop in Uniqlo stores in malls, I encourage online shopping for now for an extra safety precaution.

Which pieces did you like best? Comment below if you have any questions!


  1. Ahh I love UNIQLO! I love their collections since it's so simple yet essential! It's fun to shop knowing that you'll get to mix and match it with different other pieces!

  2. I love Uniqlo and I miss going to the actual shop! I can spend many hours just browsing through their clothes! Haha! The ones designed by Hana Tajima look really nice! Simple yet elegant pieces that can last long! :)