Creative Edvision Projects For Kids: Rubber Band Catapult

Kids have curious minds. Rather than explain their "WHYs", I like to show them the answers to their questions in a fun way. Like my son's question of what is force- something that he read in his sister's science book. So last night, I gathered the kids to try out another fun Project from Lenovo Edvision- a Rubber Band Catapult.

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Lenovo Edvision offers a lot of insights, activities and guides that are great for the online learning system that we are adapting now, via their social media page. They also have webinars, an official system for parents, teachers and schools, including student and teacher ambassador programs to name a few.


I'm actually trying a couple things there myself, but for now let's get on with our Stem At Home activity that I saw on the Lenovo Edvision page

Give the page a follow on the link below if you are up for trying cool stuff like this with the kids!

Rubber Band Catapult with Lenovo Edvision

What I notice about some activities that they have is that everything is accessible. For this one, all we needed were a few pieces of big and small popsicle sticks, some rubberband, a bottle cap and glue gun. I even think that you can substitute the glue gun for double sided tape or masking tape if you don't have glue gun.

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The instructions started out with an explanation on force, potential and kinetic energy. Which gave my son an answer to his question on force. Then we proceeded to assemble the catapult with rubberbands and sticks. It was a really nice activity cause the kids got to essentially make their own toy. I on the other hand attached the bottle cap to the big popsicle stick and fixed it up to the catapult frame that the kids made, then the fun begins!

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With said activity, my son got his answer, and we got to apply the principles of force in a fun way. Aside from that, he got a great toy that they made, and he's proud of that. 

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Lenovo Edvision for Parents

Lenovo Edvision is a partner program of Microsoft and Lenovo. We have all seen and known how Microsoft is cutting edge with their software, same with tried and tested Lenovo hardware. 

Edvision gives this assurance that the tech assisted shift of schooling will be easier to adapt to.

While they have these STEM at Home activities on their social page, there are also a lot of opportunities to learn how we can efficiently assist our kids with Edvision webinars and blogs to start. 

The Student and Teacher Ambassador programs are also some ways that Edvision excels in, in which they'll teach students time-saving productivity tools as well as get some awesome exclusive discounts on Lenovo products, and other perks to name a few.

So like and follow Lenovo Edvision here and get ready to unlock limitless learning with Lenovo and Microsoft.

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