Online School Fails and Lenovo Edvision Solutions

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We have experienced online school for around one month now, and other parents probably for longer. Within that month, I am pretty sure we have encountered frustratingly funny situations that make you just want to either laugh or cry but carry on. Don't worry, you are not alone.  

Lenovo Edvision is our partner source for helpful things that can make the online school experience more efficient. 

And not so scary. But more on that later. For now, here are some situations that I have encountered along with other parents that you'd relate to and say "Ay nako kami din!"

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Mommy, LAG!

"Interrupted signal. So minsan, delay ang slides ng teacher." -Mommy Ala

If students can't get in their classes they get stressed out. And that is what the teachers are experiencing tenfold. One time, my son's teacher was already on the last straw cause she asked everyone to turn their cameras off and just look at what she's presenting, to try and lessen the load of data consumption.

Some say this is due to bad internet connection. I say it can also be because of the video conferencing tool that the school is using for their students. Anybody heard of Microsoft Teams? Oh, you know, that nice video conferencing app that has LESS data consumption than others with built in file sharing and Microsoft Office Documents.

 Bakit ako? Bakit parang ako ang nag aaral?

"Andyan na minsan na nagwowork ako, bigla ako tatawagin Ng anak ko at magpapascan Ng activities. Isama mo pa ang sandamakmak na video activities..." - Mommy Marian

"Connection / internet problems, decreased interaction sa mga classmates. Gastos sa pag print ng mga homeworks and seatworks." - Doc M.C.

You definitely know this feeling if you have a younger student. Aside from helping them with their work, we also gotta print out stuff, have our kids answer said activity and scan or pass said items. This is way too time consuming to do. And above everything else, there's your own work, fixing up the house, cooking, cleaning, laundry,and so much more!

That moment when everybody's ready but the meet link is not there. #BUGS

One time, my daughter's online classroom was supposed to have their MAPEH online class, but they were not able to go in the conference. I was alerted cause my daughter started panicking that it was not there.Plus the whole class was already messaging their teacher on what is happening, why can't they go in, and so on. Apparently, there was some error that made the video conference unable to start but everything got sorted out in the end. 

Another thing is that before the school year even started, a couple of my son's classmates got their student account hacked. And it happened again with my daughter's classmate and her account after school has started. There are also times that we signed in but then we get signed out again for some reason and we cannot reach our activity list for the day or even the mail!

I personally would love to use something that has robust security and encryption. Microsoft takes this up a notch by setting up a Transparency Hub, plus a detailed report of its security practices for Microsoft Teams.

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What Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft Can Offer

Education has taken quite a curve ball the past few months. Before there was partial online learning that is usually reserved for high school and college students. Now  parents, teachers and the younger ones had to adjust to a full online learning experience. 

Lenovo Edvision is a culmination of two known productivity hardware and software masters solution for our education system today. Microsoft and Lenovo wants to help schools be prepared for this in an efficient manner. 

You know that Lenovo is trusted when it comes to companies, as most companies like banks are using Thinkpads and Ideapads. Even Pasig's Mayor Vico Sotto is giving Lenovo for his Public School Teachers!  

Based on my husband and mine's experiences with the previous Microsoft Office 360 program for schools, we had less problems with errors, no accounts are hacked and there are little bugs. The fact that we can open our work even while offline is a bonus.

If students and teachers are using browser based applications for your documents, then where does that leave you if you have no internet? It means time is wasted as you can't access what you have to do, right?

lenovo 4

Which is another plus for those that are gonna be a part of Lenovo Edvision as you have Student Teacher Ambassador perks like Lenovo giving the school their own laptop unit complete with the programs needed for online schooling.

And from the webinars that I saw via Lenovo Edvision FB page, plus personal experience when I was in college I highly recommend that schools go the Edvision route and unlock limitless learning today! 

Follow Lenovo Edvision via their FB page here or below for more fun activities for your kids. Or if you need a little help on how to handle the madness that is Online Schooling. 

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  1. Lenovo is a great brand of laptop. We also use Lenovo for our working laptop for our personnel back in the Philippines.

  2. Yep we are looking forward to Mayor Vico's pa-tab Lenova M8 Quad core for elementary students. kaya niya pinili din daw ito ay dahil daw sa customer center, madami daw

  3. Feel na feel ko yung "Bakit ako? Bakit parang ako ang nag aaral?" huhuhu. As an ate of two boys, lagi rin nila ako kinukulit to help them out with their online classes. Ang hirap talaga ng new way of learning. Happy that Lenovo and Microsoft are taking steps to help out schools, teachers, and students in this endeavor.

  4. Ang helpful ng lenovo momsh... Iniisip ko lng panu kaya tayo if nung panahon naten nguare ang pandemia.... Kasi wlang lenovo walang ganting technology parang hirap hehehe

  5. Love this! Thank you for sharing. So true sa pagdelay ng slides ng teacher minsan.

  6. hala, may scanning na nagaganap? kaya naman pala maraming nahihirapan. dapat talaga mag adjust tayo sa sitwasyon, di naman lahat automatic techie...lalo na kung mga bata pa. discussions, yes, these online apps are good for that. pero pa scan naman sa bata. baka naman pwedeng homeworks na lang ang ganyan para di na kelangan tawagin pa si mommy, can't run an online program like a traditional school. these schools should look into coursera, udemy and other online programs and see how they do it.

    1. pwede mag scan gamit mga apps sa phone ngayon hehehe... We personally use camscanner app as it was the one required and recommended sa school. it's like taking a photo tas naglalalagay ng filter after...

  7. I can only imagine. If we experience frustrations working from home, i think it’s tenfold with students and teachers!!! Our internet providers really have to step up their game. My company now uses microsoft teams and i agree. It’s so much better than zoom

  8. My boyfriend's mom is a teacher. Pero first time niya magtuturo online. So kapa-kapa pa siya. Will tell this to her para magkaroon pa siya ng mga idea :)

  9. Lenovo is a trusted brand when it comes to laptops. Many professionals even use this for business needs.

    Ramdam ko yung frustrations niyo as parents and students. Nakakatuwa basahin yung rants kasi in reality ganun talaga.

    Good thing there are innovations in technology that help us with these struggles. Tiyaga tiyaga muna =)

  10. Hi, Nicole!! I have heard from my boyfie about Microsoft Teams but I guess it’s the unpopular choice among the likes of Zoom and Google Meet. Hahaha! But it’s good to know they use lesser data consumption pala! And good luck to all parents, teachers and students who are doing online classes! ❤️

  11. The benefits are truly persuasive!! As someone who is about to start her online classes, I saw them as really interesting. Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Super nice talaga ang combination ng Lenovo at microsoft. I think both brands are making sure that they'll be reachable ng public kaya nagpapalist sila sa iba't ibang platforms online.

  13. Lenovo and Windows did a great job on helping students, teachers, and parents adjust to online learning. It isn't really easy 'cause it's a big adjustments to them! The Lenovo Edvision has great benefits, too. :)

  14. Lenovo has stepped up the game on this campaign. From educational to career-wise decisions, it is best to consider which brand of laptop they use. For me, I'd go for something that stands for people. :)

  15. I myself have my personal laptop and work laptop as Lenovo brand. They really know what their craft is. That's why they excel amongst top competitors and nagkakaubusan nang stocks.