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The recent times have rattled the education community. It is quite a challenge to students, teachers and parents. And online learning takes some adapting to. Of course aside from your internet connection, you would also have to consider your partner school's E-Learning ecosystem as well as your gadget of choice. This would probably be a laptop, a tablet or if you are on a low budget, some parents also opt for a cellphone. But using a phone is pretty difficult, so it would be nice to still get an affordable laptop with great specs.

Lenovo has some affordable laptop options for students and teachers. From their Ideapad, Thinkpads and their Yoga laptops to name a few. Partner that with Lenovo Edvision, the student and teacher ambassador program and school perks plus more... And you have a well oiled ecosystem that will take online learning to the next level. 

And here's my personal take with using Lenovo's items below:

Experiencing Lenovo  For Online Schooling

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I'm using an older Lenovo unit, and it has been a great tool to me and my kids when we used it for their online classes lately. The durability of these items from Lenovo is really outstanding. Lenovo's Ideapads and Thinkpads are really nice and are trusted by big companies. Plus Ideapads today generally start at a price 18,995 Php, so it is an affordable choice. I usually see them in banks, used by the account tellers for example. If big businesses think that investing in Lenovo items are a great investment, I think that this should also be the case for online schooling.

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Edvision by Lenovo and Microsoft is an upgrade to their 'Think University' program. This is specifically designed to enhance and give the academe a chance to fully integrate to online schooling seamlessly by giving partner schools free access to online resources that can help teachers be more efficient in their work- online via live classes or offline with activities and project for the kids. 

Lenovo Edvision's student and teacher programs not only give them this, but access as well to discounts for their laptops too. With my own experience with the previous Think University program in the college I studied in they are also into having your own Microsoft account that can give you free pass to their programs like Microsoft Teams, and the usual updated Word, Excel and Powerpoint and many more free premium applications from Microsoft at your disposal. 

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