Four The Body Shop Must Have Tea Tree Products That's ON SALE at Shopee

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Now more than ever, we gotta take care of our face and body with all the possible 'maskne' that happens with us using masks everytime we go out. Maskne is acne that is acquired from wearing masks the whole day, usually when we sweat and the dirt, sweat and oils get trapped in our mask and transferred back to our skin.

Tea Tree Extract is one way of combating acne, and here's an even better news for you! The Body Shop is having an UP TO 50% OFF SALE on all their Tea Tree Variant items over on their official Shopee Mall Store. 

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Here are my top fave tea tree products that is going on sale for October 7 to 8 only, so go grab them now!


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The Body Shop Tea Tree 123 Clearer Skin Kit  Php 626.00 (30% OFF)

This is a perfect starter set to those who have oily skin, or those who have said mini pimples and need a sort of treatment. The Tea Tree 123 Clearer Skin Kit is a simple 3-step routine to help reduce oiliness and target blemishes. All you need to do is cleanse, tone and target every day (yes, everyday!) for visibly clearer looking skin.

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash (20% OFF)

If this is your holy grail facial wash then you are in for a treat! Both the 400 ml Tea Tree Facial Wash and its smaller 250 ml Tea Tree Facial Wash variant is on sale at 20% off their original price! This product from The Body Shop is infused with Community Trade tea tree oil to cleanse blemished skin. A refreshing lather removes impurities and excess oil, leaving skin feeling purified. 

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion Php 636.00 (20% OFF)

If you have oily skin and are in need of a proper moisturizer and mattifying primer in one, this might just be what you need. While advertised as a moisturizer, I can tell that this can work as a 2 in one product as its formula is specialized in mattifying the face. It provides hydration without clogging the pores hence the non stick feel unlike some moisturizers out there.

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Php 636.00 (20 % OFF)

Make your blemishes magically disappear with some Tea Tree Oil. The Body Shop sustainably steam-distils their tea tree leaves within 12 hours of harvest, so that's definitely a potent oil. With its powerful, purifying properties, their Tea Tree Oil is great for quick application to help reduce blemishes.

If you don't have the Shopee App yet, go get yours now in time before the 10.10 sale! You can download on Google Play or Appstore for your convenient online shopping experience!


  1. Wow good deals and nice tea tree skincare suggestion this from you thanks for the info 😍❤️

  2. Wow good deals and nice tea tree skincare suggestion this from you thanks for the info 😍❤️

  3. I love body shop products, very gentle kasi sila sa skin ko, mild and very clean and packaging. I am surprised that you can buy them on shoppee! 50% SALE is big deal! minsan lang kasi sila mag sale dito sa US...

  4. Nice tea tree skincare. I have tea tree essential oil . And I used it in different ways. I love the smell oh boi!

  5. Good deal ito. Literal na mapapa- Salamat Shopee ka na lang talaga. Will soon try these products especially I am suffering from maskne too

  6. Skin care products are not cheap sometimes! Buti nag pa sale sila! Abangan ko next time. Very good ingredient ang tea tree!

  7. These smell great! I bought the complete skin care set last year thinking i had dry skin, haha! Turned out that I had combination skin and that Tea Tree wasn't the right product for me. I had dryness on the face from this line, but then again, I didn't really do my research. Great product nonetheless! (Gave it to my dad instead.)

  8. I have tried already the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, and is effective on my zits. Totally worth it! Also, effective on my bacne.