Get your favorite household cleaners and assists from SC Johnson's grand Shopee Mall Launch!

As a last minute for October, our favorite household cleaners and helpers are now gonna be available at Shopee! You can get your Baygon, Glade, FamilyGuard, Mr. Muscle, Pledge, OFF, Kiwi, Ziploc on at least 25% OFF! This is cause SC Johnson is having a lot of bundles and sales during their launch. 


Here are some of your MUST HAVE TO CART deals from the SC Johnson brands:

Glade Auto Spray Air Freshener

shopee glade

Missing the beach? The sandy shores? The ocean smell? Well then, bring the beach to your home with the Glade Auto Spray Air Freshener in Ocean Escape. Glade's auto spray are fully automated with different spray interval settings. You can place this anywhere inside your home! Plus for that added relaxation vibes, you can always add more fragrance when needed with an EXTRA BOOST button.

Family Guard Disinfectant Aerosol

shopee family guard

This disinfectant and multi surface spray can kill the virus that can cause covid19 (sars-CoV-2), flu, H1N1 and Influenza A. Perfect for disinfecting the air,  hard and soft surfaces. The antimicrobal action formula is what eliminates odors from the source. 

Baygon Multi Insect Killer

shopee baygon

Say "BUGS AWAY" with our ever trusted Baygon multi insect killer. This is due to the fast knockdown formula proven against multiple insect types. Need I say more? *Wink Wink*

Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner

Shopee muscle

Lavander is a known relaxant. So clean your things and get to relaxing as well with the Wild Lavander fragrance that Mr. Muscle brings to our homes. This is great for floors, tiles, kitchen counters, sinks and other washable surfaces. When used in it's purest form it can kill 99% of known germs :D

Pledge Furniture Polish

shopee pledge

Revamp and refresh your dining or living room sets with the ever trusted Pledge! This is guaranteed to  improve the appearance of most hard surfaces by removing dust and fingerprints. It does this while providing a protective, glossy coating without the waxy build-up. 

Everything here you can get over at SC Johnson's official Shopee Mall store with a LOT of discounts come October 28 to 29 so get your Shopee App now over at google playstore or Appstore and add to cart na sa Shopee!


  1. Wow I'm glad available na sila sa shopee mall 😃 thanks for sharing this po 😊

  2. I think we should prioritize the Family Guard Disinfectant Aerosol since we are experiencing a pandemic now. We need this in our home especially samin may senior citizen kaming kasama kaya todo ingat. Good to know na available sa shopee, I will share this to others! ❤

  3. This is good news 👍😊 baygon and glade user ako 😃 thanks for sharing this po 😊