Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology: An Affordable Solution for Reducing Airborne Novel Corona Virus

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Well, any preventive measure really is more affordable than actually getting sick and incurring more hospital bills. And Sharp Philippines Corporation has always had the goal of bringing convenience, protection and lifestyle evolution to every Filipino Household. And with their "Stay Home, Stay Sharp" campaign, they are one step closer to achieving this goal.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology: An Innovation for now and the future


With the global pandemic that we are facing today, Stay Home Stay Sharp and their research and development of the Plasmacluster Ion Technology for 20 years to date has come to this culmination, but it won't stop there. This is just the first step to having every Filipino household achieve a safe sanctuary. 

It has been proven to be effective against suspended airborne viruses and microbes that contaminate our air, leaving it cleaner and healthier. Said Plasmacluster Ion Technology was tested in collaboration with over thirty (30) independent third-party research institutions and organizations across the globe.
Sharp has been continuously promoting academic marketing to demonstrate the effectiveness of its
Plasmacluster Ion Technology.
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Plasmacluster Ion Technology is in most Sharp Products like their Ion Generator for cars, Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers and Mite catchers to name a few.

How does Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology Work?

​The Plasmacluster Ions, which are the same type of positive and negative ions that is present in nature, come in contact with the airborne threats in the air, undergoing chemical reactions on their surfaces to
form OH radicals. These OH radicals decompose the proteins on the surface membrane of the airborne threats by taking the hydrogen. 
Without protein the airborne threats are disabled and in effect, deactivated. The hydrogen then combines with OH radicals, and together they transform to water which is released into the air.
Sharp Air Purifying products are customized for the needs of every home, starting from how big the room that the unit will be placed in for full effectiveness, to giving more solutions like units with mosquito catcher, dehumidifier and humidifier to name a few.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology VS  Reducing Airborne Novel Coronavirus Disease (SARS-CoV-2)

A recent joint research was conducted with Professor Jiro Yasuda of the National Research Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases/Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, Japan, Professor Asuka Nanbo, a Board member of the Japanese Society for Virology of the same institution, and Professor Hironori Yoshiyama of the Department of Microbiology, Shimane University Faculty of Medicine. This is in cooperation with Nagasaki University, an internationally respected authority on infectious disease research.
Jiro Yasuda, a professor at Nagasaki University, conducts an experiment to examine the effectiveness of Sharp's Plasmacluster air purifying technology against novel coronavirus particles in the air. | COURTESY OF SHARP

The consensus from the research is that Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology was able to reduce floating novel coronavirus particles in the air, claiming it as a world first.

Viruses present on the surface are much easier to eliminate with simple disinfectants unlike airborne viruses.

In the said study, Plasmacluster Ion Technology, which emits positive hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions through a plasma discharge, demonstrated that the virus infectious titer was reduced by more than 90%.
A solution containing the novel coronavirus was released into a three-liter apparatus equipped with a Plasmacluster Ion device. The device discharged 10 million ions per cubic centimeter (cm3). 

Results claimed that the infectious titer in the retrieved solution was reduced by 91.3 percent in just 30 seconds compared with one that was not being exposed to Plasmacluster Ion.

Despite this, Sharp's Masahiro Okitsu, Senior Executive Managing Officer,
Smart Appliance, and Business Solution assured everyone that the brand will continue with their research and development of this to provide more and better preventive, effective solutions that can lower the risk of infection.

“Based on the result of this experiment, we will consider and provide effective uses of the Plasmacluster Ion Technology to mitigate the risk of coronavirus infection.”- Sharp's Masahiro Okitsu

90 Million Sales Mark Globally

Currently, Sharp equips their appliances with Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology to make them suitable for your home’s needs in this new normal.


These are the appliances for cleaner and safer air: Refrigerators, Air Conditioner, Air Purifier (with mosquito catcher, with humidifier, with dehumidifier), Ion Generator, and Mite Catcher. In fact, the brand is now working to incorporate this technology to their Electric Fan products for the
local market and it will be launched soon.  


At the height of the pandemic up to now, Sharp has also donated some of said units to hospitals, Ospital ng Muntinlupa and a few others. As of April 2020, Sharp announced that it has reached the 90 million sales mark of products equipped with the Plasmacluster Ion Technology through its collaborations with different global businesses and industries such as hotels, hospitals, health clinics, restaurants, trains, vehicles, offices, banks, schools, training center, and supermarkets to name a few.

Sharp will continue to expand the application of Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology on its current industrial field of expertise and will seek new ways to apply it to other fields especially on medical devices.


  1. Very Advantage po ito gamitin Lalo na sa panahon ngayon, proven and trusted talaga ang Sharp. 😍❤️

  2. Very Advantage po ito gamitin Lalo na sa panahon ngayon, proven and trusted talaga ang Sharp. 😍❤️

  3. Wow the best tlga ang Sharp napaka High tech.