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We're all trying to better ourselves and stay healthy, especially despite the pandemic happening nowadays. Dining out to restaurants and going to movies have changed into watching tv, playing games at home while eating up whatever we can whip in our kitchen. This does mean one thing though, we have extra free time on our hands. Best way we can utilize that is to learn a new skill, like cooking or baking!

Cooking up something means following recipes, especially if you are looking to compute macros and get in shape. I've found that different recipes have different measurements and it can sometimes be a bother to do the conversions manually. 

Which is why I am so happy to have found this ingredient conversion tool over at the webiste.   



Their Ingredient conversion calculator really takes the stress out of following recipes, especially for baking. It allows us to enter the value to be converted and then choose the unit to be converted to. With Culinary School.Org’s Recipe Ingredient Conversion Calculator we can easily convert between 

conversion tool

  • teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, and milliliters
  • cup, teacups, glasses, fluid ounces
  • cup to wine glass & shot glass to the ounce
  • liters and gallons
  • kilos and pounds
  • Kilojoules and calories

Cooking and Gaming? YES!

My daughter recently sparked her interest in cooking as well and the site has helped fuel her passion with over 150 games that can also be found on their website.One of the first games that we both tried was on making a perfect egg. Yup, a good chef should know how to make a perfect egg, fried, boiled, or poached. 

boiled eggs 1

The Boiled Eggs 

boiled eggs 2

It kind of tests your timing on things, just like how you would normally cook an egg. The game starts with the player having to watch the temperature of each pot, and modify it as needed to boil eggs in numerous pots at the same time. The game appears simple at first glance, but as the level or pots rise, there will be panic and excitement for sure. Focus is the key to winning this game.

Guess the Food

guess the food

Guess the food is a great way to introduce new food, vocabulary and give a spelling exercise as well to kids or even us adults. It is a simple spelling game in which kids and kids at heart insert letter tiles in the correct order from left to right to spell the dish shown above.

Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake1

Another game gives a recipe as well on how to bake a chocolate cake. Incidentally, after that, my daughter asked if she could make her own cake and I taught her how to make a choco lava cake too.  

chocolate cake 2

Penguin Cafe 

penguin 1

Penguin Cafe teaches one on how to deal, and stay positive despite the overwhelming stress one might encounter when serving customers. You play a penguin on skates, rushing around to serve guests and meet the daily goal.

penguin 2

Learning new skills is definitely fun! Especially if you find a website that can provide your needs and at the same time give you games that will keep your passion for learning alive.

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