Oversized Shirt Style Inspo + Tips and Tricks

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Comfortable, funky and trendy. This is what the oversized shirt craze is all about. Usually you would see this and think sk8tr boi, but an oversized shirt can be so much more! It can go from casual to even Glamourous in an instant! Best part is that they're a really affordable staple piece, costing around 150 pesos on average. Especially when you get yours over at the Inspi Shopee Store. Wear Happiness with Style with INSPI this January 26, at the Brands Spotlight Festival on Shopee!

Here are a few styling tips that I have to maximize the oversized shirt's style:

On Top of a Dress

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Styling is all about matching pieces, and this first style is a nice, preppy and casual look. The shirt sits on top of my floral dress, and tied up to create a bir of an "empress" style cut for some shape. This shirt from inspi has pink and blue detailing that matches the pinks of my floral dress. I also added in some pink earrings for a bit of glam to the look. 

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 GLAM UP: Belt and Blazers

Belts are great for giving shape to oversized pieces like the Dream Often shirt from inspi. This corset belt of mine is one of my faves, and with the shirt it gave the illusion of being a two piece skirt and top, or a black dress. You can also fold the sleeves up a bit for better detailing.

Blazers are a great touch to make the causal oversized shirt look a bit more glam or formal. You can wear it with a belt or no belt, because the blazer adds quite a statement to an oversized shirt. 

Baggy on Baggy

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For an extra casual and comfy look, you can go for straightcut pants, sneakers and a baggy shirt of your choice. I added in a bucket hat for an extra oomph. The blues of the pants, hat and the blue detail on the Squidgame Inspired INSPI shirt also ties up the look together.

Skirts and Accessories

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Skirts over a shirt create a casual but girly feel to an outfit, as well as adding in shape to an otherwise rectangular shirt. Adding accessories, gold or silver accents elevates any type of outfit- even an oversized shirt! 

Affordable, great quality and on sale oversized shirts like the ones I am wearing can be found on INSPI. Mark your calendars for new INSPI shirts launching exclusively at the Brands Spotlight Festival on Shopee this January 26!

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