Top Five Places to Rock your Betty Boop x Guess Fits

GUESS Originals just released a special collection, featuring the world-famous Betty Boop brand. It is definitely a match made in heaven. Think flapper, elegant but mixed with casual wear for a chic aesthetic. The collaboration features the Betty Boop design on trendy GUESS Originals shirts, dresses, and caps.

Just like the GUESS brand, Betty Boop has stood the test of time. She was created in the 1930s by Max Fleischer and has starred in hundreds of cartoon shorts and even films decades ago. She inspires confidence and “girl power” through the years and that is what this collaboration is all about. GUESS believes in female empowerment and has seen dear ol’ Betty as a source for this.  

Here are five fun sites to Rock your GUESS Originals x Betty Boop pieces whether it’s for a weekend stroll or somewhere cold. 

GUESS Betty Boop Trucker Hat and the Amusement Park

Take this GUESS Originals x Betty Boop trucker hat at the amusement park and just enjoy the whole day without a worry in the world. The Betty Boop illustration meshes perfectly with the design which also includes the GUESS logo and more. No matter how long your hair is, you can get it bunched up or keep it steady as you ride the roller coaster or have fun with the carousel.  

GUESS Originals x Betty Boop Ribbed Top and a weekend drive 

Fuse the right amount of sexy and cute with this GUESS Betty Boop ribbed top as you take a drive out of town for the weekend. Weekend drives often provide great surprises and having this GUESS Originals collab top on will only make for a great look. And don’t forget how great this top would look like when you take amazing photos to add on your social media feed. 

GUESS Originals x Betty Boop Crop Baby Tee and the freshest malls in the city 

Go to the mall with a bit of allure along the way with this GUESS Originals x Betty Boop crop baby tee. This baby tee is a good choice for you to wear while shopping or strolling given how the temperature works both inside and outside the malls these days. The tee will keep you as cool as the American fashion icon it features. Get ready to make heads turn too just like our favorite cartoon singer. 

GUESS Originals x Betty Boop Boot Cut Pants and afternoons at BGC 

Show your style and your matching prowess with these GUESS Originals collab boot cut pants. Pair this with your best boots and show the world (or at least the entirety of BGC) that those are definitely made for walking. Take it one step further by pairing these boot cut pants with a great top. Have dinner or get coffee with this amazing pair which distills the essence of the iconic Betty Boop.  

GUESS Originals x Betty Boop Intarsia Sweater and evenings in Tagaytay  

Want to take a break from the city? Take this GUESS Originals x Betty Boop Intarsia sweater to some place cold like Tagaytay. Have a cup of coffee or get some “bulalo” with your friends and family in style with this sweater that will make any Betty Boop fan gush with delight. Pair this with a good GUESS handbag or denim and you’ll definitely give that positive “Betty Boop” vibe. 

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