MassageMNL: Premium Relaxation for an Affordable Price at the comfort of your own Home

Whenever things are getting to be a bit too much, it is always best to slow down and give some time to ourselves. We've been living through, constantly adapting and it is definitely stressful.  Working from home may seem better and fun at first, because there's less commute. But over time we get body aches, numbness, and constant head and neck aches. I am sure we have also found that not having boundaries for work and play has put a strain on our physical, mental and emotional health.

We recently attended MassageMNL 4th anniversary content creator's party and it showed us all the fun and pretty ways we can give back to our body. If we feel nice then I am sure that our output on life and work will be better.

MassageMNL is the first and leading home-service massage brand in the Philippines and had expanded to beauty services. 

The party was a bit of how MassageMNL does their Massage Bar. The set-up is usually perfect for despedida parties, bridal showers or even a great Christmas party. 

You get all of the instagram worthy spa set up and having that high class spa feels at home. There's also a choice of signature massages, foot spa, hand spa, hand paraffin, facial, manicure and pedicure.

Maybe you just want a quiet time to yourself or with your significant other. Or you want to treat the whole house to a day of relaxation without the hassle of going out. You can definitely book for their home spa services. I found that the price is definitely affordable for the time and quality that their masseuse gives. 

Available Services with MassageMNL 

And they have different types of massages available. One is a premium relaxation set up, with the usual deep tissue or Swedish massage. 

But they also have a specialized branch of massage that has trained and certified therapists. Their techniques can also cater to certain medical conditions like Sports massage for helping to speed up the healing process of your damaged and overworked muscles, joints, and tissues. Or their Post-natal massage which I wish I had after having given birth as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles that will get rid of those unwanted toxins.

Another one that interested me, and I am sure is also great for all genders is their Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This one is a detoxifying and slimming treatment as it helps flush out metabolic waste, excess fluids, and toxins from the body.

Earlier in 2022, MassageMNL had introduced Thermage FLX 5G, Intimate whitening technology, Oxygeneo Facial and Emsculpt. Now MassageMNL is also adding their newest Jelly Facial.

I got a taste of their signature massage for around 30 minutes, and I definitely felt refreshed after a long days' worth of events and traveling to and from Metro Manila. I can definitely say that giving our bodies a bit of rest- even just for 30 minutes can really help us to re-energize for the rest of our needed to do activities for the day.

They cater to a wider range of places lately, going as far as Cavite soon. Here's a peek at their rates, but if you want the full spa experience at home I suggest you go for their Khozy Package!

There's also a lot of promos happening over at their facebook page so you can definitely get these services for a much lower price there!



Instagram: @massagemnl

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