Easy and Cheap Swimming and Family Fun over at Monte Vista, Pansol, Laguna

Craving for a break from the city, me and my family went on an impromptu trip to Pansol without any real destination. All we know is that we want that hot spring waters and I myself am craving a bit of buko pie that day.

We contacted a few resorts and private pools but ultimately, we decided on staying for our day tour over at Monte Vista, Pansol. Here's an update on how things are and if you're looking for a really cheap but great place to enjoy swimming and cook outs with the family, this is one of the more affordable ones for sure.

Monte Vista, Pansol Rates and Ammenities:

Well, I went calling a few places first, but the lowest rates were given to us by Monte Vista Hotsprings and Conference Resort. You really can't beat an 80 pesos per head ticket rate (off peak season) as well as these low rates for tables. We got two tables, and it was pretty near a pool with a corner cook area. I liked that there really was not as much people there, felt like everyone was doing a pretty good social distancing and all that.

We were there at around 9am by the way. I remembered from childhood that they did have a proper hot temperature for their pools. But most of the pools are closed for renovation. I think it explains the extra discount that they gave. There were only 7 or 8 pools out of 16 available, but it was a blast still cause the giant slides that they have are open which is a plus. 

I also liked the fact that the place was spacious enough that it does not feel too crowded, hence you can practice proper social distancing with other guests.


What's a trip to Los Banos without going over to the best buko pie there- Orient the Original Buko Pie. It now costs 250 Php, and is definitely worth every peso and the long lines. If you're a local of Laguna, you would know that Orient is the go to for that hot and fresh buko pie with lots of buko meat.

The pools themselves were on the lukewarm side, except for the two pools which are landing areas for the slides. I think because there was a bit of running water from the silde, which is why it was more hotter than the other pools.

There's also other overnight accommodations here, and rooms if you're interested. You can visit their facebook page for more details.

Monte Vista Hotsprings & Conference Resort

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/montevistaresortpansol

Brgy. Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna

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