Ortigas Market Must Try Booths and how it Rebuilds Pasig City's Local Food Economy

Ortigas Food Market opened a couple of weeks ago, led by Mayor Vico Sotto himself. The Ortigas Market drew different visitors and local residents, and chefs who came to savor the varied culinary delights. It was designed as a venue for trade by local producers and serve as a social and civic center that encourages friendly interaction and community building.

The Ortigas Market aims to provide a cost effective, retail sales opportunity for local producers. This is a means to help micro, small and medium entrepreneurs sell their produce. In turn, the project  helps to rebuild our local food economy specially at such a crucial period in our history. 

The Ortigas Market is open every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 pm, located at  F. Ortigas Road Jr. (Formerly Emerald Avenue), Pasig City. Coincidentally the same street where I used to work at 10 years ago for administrative work. 

Here are some of the booths you must try and what to expect whenever you have time to go to Ortigas Market:

"As a marketing professional and a chef, I fell in love with farmers markets abroad and realized that they are great venues for farmers and local producers because they can sell with very low fixed costs. Unlike in brick and mortar stores, producers and sellers at weekend markets have "sukis" who make it a habit to shop at specific times - such as once or twice weekly, thereby minimizing overhead expense such as rent and other costs, "adds Ortigas Market organizer and DC President Marissa Dames.

"By encouraging market goers to buy and consume locally produced food, we also push the agenda for healthy eating and address the larger issue of hunger. It is not a coincidence that we are opening Ortigas Market in October, the month when we celebrate World Food Day and by natural progression, World Bread Day," continues Ms. Dames.

"As we open The Ortigas Market on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022 at F. Ortigas Road Jr. (Formerly Emerald Avenue), Pasig, we enjoin everyone to come savor our culinary delights as well as feed their aesthetic senses with unique crafts from all over the Metropolis.

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