Fun Games That Teach Kids Money Management and other Financial Skills

As a parent, I wanted to make learning about finances enjoyable for my 8 to 10-year-old children. So, we embarked on an adventure to discover engaging games that could help them develop essential financial skills while having fun. I find traditional financial education methods can be boring and uninspiring, even as an adult. But I came across a couple of sites that offer fun financial education games. 

These games combine entertainment with learning, making it easier for children and teens to grasp important financial concepts. Here are a few games we tried out that can also help your kids to learn better ways to handle finances and introduce an exciting way to learn about stocks.

Cash Back

Cash Back is a game designed to teach players about giving the correct change using bills and coins. In this interactive game, my kids role played as cashiers who need to calculate and provide customers with the accurate amount of change. 

These are also real-life scenarios, which helped my kids to better their their math skills. They also got to practice handling money. Cash Back reinforces the importance of accuracy, critical thinking, and basic arithmetic, which are essential skills for managing personal finances.

LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect

LEGO characters are very familiar for my kids, and I am sure for your too. Which makes playing LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect a nice way to keep the kids entertained. My kids got to feel what it is like to handle a city, and got a better understanding of how tax revenues, budgeting, resource allocation. and investing works.

The game works by having the player build various buildings that generate tax revenues, that is reinvested to expand and develop the city further. LEGO City Adventures Build And Protect also encourages strategic thinking and decision-making while imparting valuable lessons about fiscal responsibility.


Additionally, for those interested in the world of stocks, an excellent way to learn more is through the game Stocks available on the website. This simulation game provides an opportunity to experience the stock market in a controlled environment, allowing players to grasp the fundamentals of buying, selling, and managing stocks without any real financial risk. It serves as a valuable introduction to the stock market and can help develop an understanding of its dynamics. Pretty enjoyable for kids and us adults alike :D

These are games available online, and can be found in the site, if ever you want to try them out for your kids too. 

Introducing financial education through interactive games is a fantastic way to engage children and teens in learning about money management. These online games are great experiential learning opportunities that develop essential financial skills. Additionally, exploring the stock market through games like Stocks can lay the groundwork for understanding investing. By integrating financial education with enjoyable gameplay, these games provide young individuals with the tools they need to make informed financial decisions in the future. Let the fun begin as our kids embark on a journey towards financial empowerment!

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