Ilagan City Celebrates 11th Cityhood Anniversary, Mammangi Festival and envisions a Livable City for 2030

After a double typhoon session of Egay and Falcon, Ilagan City, Isabela finally witnessed a
whirlwind of colors and rainbows. In a back to back celebration of Ilagan City's 11th year cityhoood anniversary, they also celebrated colors in the form of Mammangi Festival – a joyful celebration of the farmers corn harvest. 

From August 1 to 13, 2023, their streets burst into vibrant life, filled with parades and offerings. After a triumphant return from a three-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, the Mammangi Festival breathed fresh life into the people of Ilaguenos.

Ilagan, Ilabela's Vision for a ‘Livable City Dream 2030’

Ilaguenos have a dream of developing their city to the best they can be. They channeled their hopes and dreams into the enchanting Agri Eco Tourism Village. This is a place that showcases the Ilaguenos "Liveable City of Ilagan 2030 Vision." Every booth was made with the spirit of barangay ingenuity. You can see each cluster of barangay's story come alive through their creations.

The booths transformed into dynamic stages where local entrepreneurs unveiled their visions, igniting trade and energizing the city's heartbeat. 

In Category A (Barangay booths), the triumphant Western 1 seized the crown, while Poblacion 2 and North Eastern 1 embraced the titles of first and second runners-up. Category B (government agencies) welcomed Iselco 2 into the winner's circle, along with the radiant Isabela State University Main Campus and steadfast Tesda. Even those who didn't clinch victory shared in the happiness, basking in the glow of their well-earned P10,000 consolation prize.

The Binibining Ilagan 2023

The city had one of their grandest set ups yet, as we shifted to witnessing the Binibining Ilagan 2023 event, a grand gala represented by beauties of different clusters of Ilagan, expressing their elegance and wit and love for their city.

Their costumes are quite the symphony of colors, plus we also witnessed their swimsuit and how they carried their gowns with grace. For the grand finale of Bb. Ilagan 2023,  the contestants braved the formidable Q & A portion. From more than 20 dazzling beauties with great wit and knowledge, there emerged a star of towering grace. Ms. Kristine Joy Guzman from Marana 1st, proudly claims the coveted title of Binibining Ilagan 2023 with her advocacy in her heart, and her elegance and charm as warm as Ilagan's hospitality.

Also present to serenade the audience and the ladies is James Reid who sang a couple of tunes and made the event a really special one.

Under the discerning eyes of judges, the court came alive in radiant brilliance. Binibining Turismo, Sining at Kultura, Kristine Kay Bautista, aged 21, hailing from Bliss Village; Binibining Agrikultura, Justine Denielle Morillo, aged 22, representing San Andres; Binibining Ilagan 1st Runner Up, KrisChellsy Villar, aged 18, from Nagullian Sur; and Binibining Ilagan 2nd Runner Up, Frances Alteia Leaño, aged 21, proudly representing San Vicente, emerged as luminous symbols embodying the grace and fortitude of Ilagan.

You can see more of the coronation night here:

Awards for Sikan Na Ilagan and Outstanding Ilagueños 2023

The next night, we were able to witness their lively Barangay Night and the resplendent Awards for Sikan Na Ilagan and Outstanding Ilagueños 2023. 

In a harmonious display of togetherness, City Mayor Josemarie Diaz, Vice-Mayor Kiryll Bello, along with officials from the Sangguniang Panlungsod, celebrated the city's rich and diverse culture. The distinguished presence of Isabela Gov. Rodito Albano 3rd and Vice Gov. Faustino 'Bojie' Dy 3rd added an additional layer of grandeur to the occasion.

The place was like a teaser to the Mammagi Festival Street Dance with people from different clusters showing off their moves in the hall that night, in a modern dance competition. It seamlessly blended laughter and rhythm, courtesy of the captivating performances by Geneva Cruz and the comedic duo MC and Lassy.

Mammangi Festival Street Dance and Showdown Competition

On the third and final day, August 9, the atmosphere was electric, charged with the excitement from the Mammangi Festival Street Dance and Showdown Competition. 

Despite the sunny afternoon, the streets thrummed with exitement as dancers from NorthEastern 1 emerged as the champions, with Poblacion 1 and San Antonio 1 claiming their spots to victory. 

The champions of the showdown, which included NorthEastern 2, Poblacion 1, and NorthEastern 1, created a unique and impressive group, full of energy.

Amidst the radiance of the festivities, one vision stood as a beacon – "The Liveable City of Ilagan 2030: Adhikain ng Bawat Ilagueño." Mayor Diaz, affectionately known as JLD, passionately shared his aspirations for the city's tomorrow, a vision fortified by five pillars: survivability, sustainability, innovation, mobility, and development.

Every participating barangay was bestowed with the treasure of project prizes, with NorthEastern 1 claiming the grand prize of P1 million. 

The Mammangi Festival in Ilagan reached its spectacular climax with an enchanting concert featuring renowned artists such as Celeste Legazpi, Dulce, Gino Padilla, and Gigi De Lana. They were joined by the energetic Whiplash Dance Company and the victorious champions of the Street Dance and Showdown competitions. The grand finale was illuminated by a dazzling fireworks display, symbolizing the dreams and aspirations of Ilagan City, leaving an indelible impression of a harmonious blend of light, music, and jubilation in the hearts of all fortunate enough to witness it.

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