ICorn Complex Groundbreaking and JLD Village Housing Inauguration in Ilagan City, Isabela

Momentous events recently unfolded in Ilagan, Isabela with the groundbreaking of  the first I-Corn Complex in the Philippines. Senator Mark Villar and Mayor Jay Diaz led the groundbreaking and construction of this pioneering facility, symbolizing progress, unity, and the shared commitment of the Department of Agriculture and the City Government to harness the potential of the corn industry. 

The ICorn Complex 

As Isabela is known to be the Corn Capital of the Philippines, they are more focused on the improvement of their corn processing to help their farmers have better yield. The ICorn Complex is set to become a post harvest research and development facility, a place to look for ways to better the corn production, starting with the mechanical drying of corn for one, and having drones to handle pesticide application which means less labor costs for bigger lands applied. 

“The incomes and productivity of our farmers will increase once this facility is finished, ... This is a symbol of progress, unity, and collective effort of the DA and the City Government for the people of City of Ilagan to harness the potential of the corn industry,” Senator Mark Villar said.

It will serve as a hub for farmers, providing them with innovative tools to expedite food production for feeds and food to ensure the quality of corn-based goods. The complex's process to forward integration where all cycles from harvest and post harvest will be covered by the ICorn complex for the aim of achieving the country's food security. This initiative reflects the city's commitment to modernize farming methods, driving agricultural sustainability and enhanced food security. 

The JLD Village housing project 

In a parallel celebration of progress, Ilagan City also inaugurated the JLD Village - a momentous housing project situated at Barangay Alibagu. This commemoration aligned perfectly with the city's 2023 Mammangi Festival and 11th Cityhood Anniversary. City Mayor Jay Diaz and local government officials led the blessing and inauguration of the housing project.

The JLD Village exemplifies the city's dedication to providing improved living conditions for its residents. This is their start of addressing the 15,000 housing needs of the city of Ilagan. They also have programs for the less fortunate ones as well. By creating a secure and comfortable living environment, the housing project supports the overall well-being of the community. This initiative is a testament to Ilagan City's commitment to holistic development, focusing not only on economic progress but also on the welfare of its constituents.

2030 vision for a Livable City of Ilagan

The groundbreaking of the I-Corn Complex, graced by Sir Mark Villar's presence and insightful words, and the inauguration of the JLD Village underscore Ilagan City's proactive approach to growth and development. They have started on infrastructures by building hospitals and a City College as well as strengthening their social services with different programs that help out students, serving out free tuition for one, and soon having health sciences courses be taught in said community college by next year at earliest. 

Together with proper urban planning headed by Architect Felino Palafox, Ilagan, Isabela envisions their place to be a Livable City for 2030, with focus on capacitating the purchasing power of the people. 

The pillars upon which this dream of a Livable City of Ilagan 2030 is built is on Sustainability, Mobility, Preparing the landscape, Survivability and Innovation. 

  • Sustainability and enriching the people's purchasing power by having more employment
  • Mobility with the start of better roads and soon to have cable cars that will be able to transport goods efficiently
  • Survivability with regards to storms and how to handle them with regards to farmers and crops
  • Preparing the landscape starting with better roads and housing projects like the JLD Village and
  • Innovation starting with the ICorn Complex. 

These initiatives reflect the city's determination to harness its potential, leveraging innovation and community-centered projects to create a better future for all.

As these projects continue to unfold, the city's landscape transforms, creating a vibrant tapestry of progress, opportunity, and unity. The I-Corn Complex and JLD Village stand as symbols of Ilagan City's enduring commitment to building a thriving, sustainable community.

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