USANA Philippines Aims to Help 1Million Families Attain Healthy Living

USANA Health Sciences executive chairman of the board Kevin Guest visited the country last October 2 to advocate the company’s mission to promote worldwide healthy living. Having operated in the country for almost 15 years, USANA has amassed resources to extend its innovations and research into various product lines for holistic wellness. 

For a company specializing in multivitamins, dietary supplements, skincare and general health, USANA also gives great importance to mental well-being and physical fitness. They also offer services that will help anyone and families who need them.

The forum started with Sir Francis Kong giving a speech about how USANA prevailed through the years in the Philippines. He wholeheartedly believes that wo vital components remain consistent in the formula for achieving great things — good health and financial literacy. With having a great product that actually works, and how he, among most people can see the entrepreneurial side of USANA. He is a consumer of said products and is also a brand ambassador for said company. 

Kevin Guest affirmed this aspect of the company as part of his personal objective to reach one million families worldwide by 2028. He recognized that everyone deserves to make lasting and meaningful changes to their health, helping them lead more confident lives. Being a notable mental health advocate, Kevin believes mental well-being and self-care should be permanent components of a healthy life. He said, “to truly be healthy, we have to take the mind into consideration. That's why our mission is to spark conversations and create a safe space for individuals to share their struggles.”

Kevin and USANA aim to continue expanding their reach while embodying this holistic view of healthy living, looking to the five-year period not just as a guide but as a benchmark to surpass. It is not easy for any company. But the strongly backed advocacies of Kevin coupled with the resources USANA has at its disposal make for an enduring force for good within the industry, whose presence will be felt for many years to come.

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