Lingap Leads Foundation's Jackpot Rice Launch

It was a crisp morning last January 6, 2024. As the sun kissed the tranquil fields of LAV Farm in Calauan, Laguna, I found myself eager to witness a day dedicated to those who toil the soil - our farmers. Lingap Leads Foundation had invited us to delve into their 2024 programs, promising not just a launch but an experience that would unveil the struggles of our farmers and how Lingap Leads aimed to be their beacon of support.

A lot of people were present and ready for the day. Among them was the vibrant spirit of the Lingap Kids Lions Club Soccer team, accompanied by their families. They added a touch of cheer to the surroundings. This day actually unfolds as a poignant journey, highlighting the resilience of our farmers and the lifeline that Lingap Leads Foundation intended to provide.

Tanim Palay Activity: A Muddy Tale of Courage

The day commenced with the Tanim Palay Activity, an immersive experience that thrust us into the challenging world of rice planting. Wearing white Lingap Leads Foundation shirts and protective gear that they provided, we waded through cold, wet mud, planting seedlings with courage and perseverance. The joy of the activity was a bit of nostalgia for me when I was in the fields as a kid with my titos and titas who showed us a bit of what they did as rice farmers in Quezon before. I remembered my roots, and the day was also a reflection of deep sense of empathy for the daily struggles faced by our farmers. I couldn't help but think about the immense effort and dedication required to cultivate the food that graces our tables. Definitely, "magtanim ay di biro, maghapon ka nakayuko" and so much more. 

On Lingap Leads, their Sustainability projects for fellow farmers and Harvesting Reverence Campaign

The Harvesting Reverence campaign, presented by Ms. Connie Valera, was an eye opener. Redefining local farmers as visionary leaders, the campaign aimed to differentiate between empowerment and dependency. 

It became evident that Lingap Leads Foundation sought not just to provide immediate aid but to instill long-term sustainable solutions. 

Our farmers, rightfully hailed as pillars of the community's food system, were at the heart of this vision.

Afterwards, Lingap Leads Foundation unfolded a narrative of targeted programs, spanning Lingap Kasaka for rice farmers, Lingap Kapamilya for diverse support, and Lingap Kapatid for collaborative outreach. Through the lens of Ms. Reema Delim, the Program Director, we explored Lingap Leads Foundation's past, present, and future endeavors, each intricately tied to Sustainable Development Goals.  Other notable initiatives include Lingap Lakbay Kalusugan, Lingap Angat Pinoy, and the Social EnterpRICE project.

Social EnterpRICE - Jackpot Premium Rice Launch

Lingap Leads Foundation laid out its plans to not only provide seedlings but also establish a robust market for farmers' produce. The Jackpot Rice, set to be launched commercially in February 2024, emerged as a beacon of hope. A portion of the proceeds would circle back to support Lingap Leads Foundation's crucial programs, a cycle of support that promised to make a significant difference.


Our taste of Jackpot Rice during a traditional Filipino binalot lunch further solidified the foundation's commitment to quality. Binalot is essentially cooked rice and a viand of choice, in this case, adobong baboy wrapped up in very fragrant banana leaves. The rice itself is really fluffy and delicious, and I also saw how the rice grains itself were really brillant and looking nice. In the simplicity of a meal, the potential for change unfolded.

A locally produced rice, this is crafted from Jackpot 102 hybrid rice seeds. Lingap Leads Foundation's commitment to purchasing "palay" from independent farmers at premium rates showcased a dedication to economic growth at the grassroots level. The prototype of the Jackpot rice sack, with a per-kilo price starting at Php 65, marked not just a product but a celebration of unity, resilience, and a brighter future for our farmers. The sack itself also had names, photos and numbers of the farmers who planted said rice, so that people will have a chance to talk to them directly, giving off as well a "Farm to Table" experience. This will help our beloved farmers to grow not just their rice but their earnings as well.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Beyond:

Mr. Max Ventura of Radyo CSR emphasized the significance of corporate social responsibility and commended Lingap Leads Foundation for their impactful work.

 He stressed the importance of stability, profitability, and sustainability for companies to contribute meaningfully. His commitment to discussing issues and solutions on Radyo CSR reflects a dedication to knowledge-sharing and social impact.

As the day drew to a close, amidst numerous photo opportunities, I found myself profoundly grateful to Lingap Leads Foundation for providing a firsthand understanding of the struggles faced by our farmers. This day, etched in my memory, served as a reminder that every grain of rice on our tables is a testament to the hard work and perseverance of those toiling in the fields. Thank you, Lingap Leads Foundation, for extending an invitation that wasn't just insightful but genuinely unforgettable.

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