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I'm back with another beauty review lovelies! This time it's Benefit's Lollitint Lip and Cheek tint.. I already gave a brief background of this product from Benefit so if you want to see more of that just click here...

The Nitty Gritty:

Lollitint is a candy-orchid tint that has a smudge ans smooch proof formula for that sweet flirty flush on the cheeks and lips all day long. This is a must have in my daily make up kit and I urge you to read more why. :)

Swatches and Longevity:

The consistency is at first, an almost jelly like at first, but I think it's just a quirk of this tint. I love how cotton candy or orchid-y the color becomes depending on how much you put in and let dry. I honestly hate putting this on my cheeks as it shows off no color at all with my skintone, as I'm not really that fair, especially in summer when even if I stay indoors I still get a tan. :3


So if you'll use this as a blush, you have to be very careful as well as this stuff dries within 15 seconds or less. Once it made me look like have orchid colored freckles on ,yh cheeks when I didn't know that it dries FAST. hehehe...


This I swatched with around 3 layers and some fast blending. Longevity wise as a lip tint is around 8 hours max. And it kinda fades if you eat oily stuff. :)


And this is how it looks on my lips. The photo above is taken under direct sunlight on my face, hence the yellowish tint. And yes, no filter.


This is how it looks like on a  normal sunny day.. Only one layer of product is used per photo. I really like how naturally pink my lips look. It's like MLBB in tint form for me.. :)

Packaging, Price and Where to Buy:

I love their sample size as it's a big help with regards to my mini make up kit, which incidentally is a Nickelodeon pencil case. hehehe... The price is way over the top, but then again I know that aside from taxes, we're also paying for quality here people... So Php 1700 for full size; Php 340 for sample size is just enough for this. I indicated the price for the sample as it is what I have. This is just an estimation by the way as I just computed it myself. You can get it at Benefit Beauty stores nationwide and I think I also saw this in Beauty Bar Stores.


So there we have it. Would I repurchase this? Probably. If and when I get to saving up for this as the quality is really good and long lasting for a lip tint, color pay off is awesome that it sometimes look as if I'm wearing actual matte lipstick . I'll be posting about that later in the following weeks to come.

But if they're selling up some samples, then I'll definitely buy. I don't really need that much product as I only use it for my lips and I still haven't hit the bottom with this product even if it's in sample size. Plus it's really convenient. :)

Till the next! :)

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