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It was a couple of days ago that I finally had the chance to give myself a pretty big change, with thanks to the newly opened Mary Pauline Salon located at Starmall Las Pinas. It's pretty awesome that we now have more quality and affordable choices when it comes to pampering ourselves with hair makeovers and treatments and also mani-pedis!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]mary pauline grand opening Photo grabbed from Lee of I Love Paars[/caption]

Mary Pauline is located at the 2nd floor of Star Mall Las Pinas, beside the cinema. It's pretty easy to locate, and the best thing with that is if you have a companion while having your hair rebonded or colored, your friend can pass the time watching movies and eating up popcorn hahaha...


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]mary pauline starmall Photo grabbed from Lee of I Love Paars[/caption]

So my good friends Lee  and Mae were also there to check things out and try their services. I think Lee had herself a Brazillan Blowout and Mani Pedis and a L'Oreal Power Dose hair treatment for Mae...

Mary Pauline Salon
As for me I knew I wanted to try out the Ombre look, and I was kinda hoping to do it in blue hues just to be different from the ones that try out the said look, but as they didn't have the stocks for bright royal blue hair color yet, I settled for my actual favorite color- Red.

My hair stylist was JR, and he was awesome and accommodating and also pretty nice...He explained the process that my hair is about to experience. He started by giving my long locks a trim...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="375"]Mary Pauline Salon Yes, my hair's so long it's up to my waist.. :3[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Mary Pauline Salon That's JR- the hairstylist that was tending to my hair dreams..[/caption]

After that was the bleaching process.

As my hair has never been colored or bleached before,(virgin lang ang peg haha) JR started with a 12%bleach solution for my hair, which after 45 minutes to an hour turned my hair into this:


In between waiting I was offered coffee, iced tea and cake, and I really felt that I am a princess that's being pampered in Mary Pauline Salon...


Afterwards JR applied the hair coloring solution and I had to wait another 30 minutes for it to set into my hair...
Mary Pauline Salon
Mary Pauline Salon
And for the final touch, he used a L'Oreal Power Dose hair treatment for me specifically for colored hair. And here's the result:
Mary Pauline Salon

Mary Pauline Salon


Yeah, I'm pretty happy with how my hair turned out. It looks firey, my confidence has boosted as I feel like I'm my favorite singer Hayley of Paramore, and the color reminds me of Natasha Romanoff's in Captain America -Winter Soldier... #RedHeadsRock!

Here's the list of their opening promos that I suggest you take advantage of today! Seriously discounted and yet the quality of service doesn't falter! Plus the staff are really accommodating so yay!!!

I'm pretty happy as the Powerdose treatment helped my hair immensely to not make it look as dry as a dessert. I'll be posting updates and what I'll be using to care for my hair soon enough. :)


  1. Hi..i just wanted to know if their promo is for any length?

  2. hi paula, as of this moment I checked out their facebook page and saw that they have this promo back until february 14 I think and yes it's for any hair length. :)