Big Ideas lead to BIG KITA (Big Earnings) | Big Benta


So I got the chance to go in depth with the latest thing that will help E-Commerce and Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) develop, improve and in the long run, help the PH economy to boom- just as big as the BPO Industry. :D

I'm talking about Big Benta- an online platform-cum-Filipino company made for the Filipinos By the Filipinos. They have BIG Dreams of helping out SMEs realize their potential and easily manage their store, from the presentation to the delivery.


Speaking of deliveries, they are partnered with Black Arrow Express with regards to handling of the shipping, and another thing is that they also have Cash On Delivery option available. Black Arrow may sound new, but I have big hopes that they will do better than their predecessors with regards to deliveries.. You can easily track your package, as for every place that your package has landed, they will scan the barcode which automatically updates on their database. Hence when you search for your parcel, you are sure that you are receiving live updates. Their online shop from what I have seen is pretty easy to navigate and use, weather you are a merchant or a buyer.


What separated them from the most Online Platforms that I have seen, is that they have included "Services" and "Classified Ads" as part of the options, hence making it into one truly BIG Marketplace for almost any online user. The idea of the Classified Ads, (which by the way is what started BIG Benta in the first place along with their services tab), is to pave way for the local market an online presence, and give an alternative from the usual advertising mediums. Which has garnered a big interest among the older generation.


We also got to check out how easy their "Services" tab works, and it's basically a place where people who are looking for a part time job, or freelancers to post what they can do, their quoted price, and so and so.


They have categorized the services as well, and you can easily search for them in the search bar. Big Benta said that they have a response/waiting time of around 6-8 hours for those who have inquired about someone's services- be it plumbing, photography, and other freelancer jobs.


I see BIG potential for the likes of the SMEs through this new online platform BIG Benta. :)

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  1. I browsed the site, and I agree there is potential. But this is the first time I heard about big benta, so in the days ahead, for the potential to become a reality, I hope the group will do more on marketing.