What can you do in an HOUR? Find your center at Yoga + Express Makati

Meditation is a way for us to take a pause and untangle ourselves from the trap that is adulting.

Okay, seriously though, if we feel too much stress, we tend to get boxed in. Meditation helps us to calm our mind, notice our senses further and bring awareness to thoughts. It is not about shutting the mind though, or our thoughts, but letting them wander freely. This is great because Wandering allows Creativity.

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Yoga is a great way to reach your center and meditate. Yoga also is getting pretty popular for it's healing properties, proper breathing development and for extending your patience, as well as the hard core reason : STRESS KILLER. :D Most especially if you practice consistency, even for just 1 hour a day everyday.

Yoga + Express

And smack dab at the center of Makati is a place where you can get your hourly yoga: Yoga + Express in Legazpi Village. It's newly opened, and unlike other places for yoga, where you usually have to get a package session, you can opt to just have a 60 minutes yoga session here.

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I got to try a gong bath, which is essentially the best when you want to cool off, calm down or meditate and just let your thoughts flow and your body 'float'.

It was a very relaxing experience, and it's one that I am excited to try again soon!

Yoga + Express

Beginners are very welcome! They also have Yoga Merchandise like mats and outfits ready!

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Check out their FB page for more deets!

Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati
6:00AM - 10:00PM
119 Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village, 6/F Jose Cojuangco & Sons Bldg.
Makati, Philippines

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