The perfect Vape for Beginners : Vype ePen

I was always curious with stuff, especially Vaping, as my brother in law does it and my husband really wanted to try it a long time ago. But I also saw how tedious it was to set things up, and I was kinda bothered with the amount of cumulus type of vapor coming out, especially when driving. Figured it was kinda hard to see or something like that. Parang nag fog lang sa buong car teh. hahahaha!


Then I got the chance to check out Vype a couple of days ago. Unlike the other vape out there, this guy takes only seven seconds of our time to assemble. A bit faster than the Avengers. hahahaha! Also, it is a pen type design which looks pretty sleek and handy.

Vype Hype-2042

This has two power settings, delivering rich vapour at the click of a button.Take note that when taking a puff, you'll have to click either button. The one liner delivers less vape, and the double liner gives off more. :)

As with all Vype products, the ePen caps or refills are made with only high quality ingredients* and tested by Vype’s scientists for vapour quality. They come in 3 flavors to suit anyone's tastes, Blended Tobacco, Crisp Mint, and Fresh Apple. My favorite so far is the Crisp Mint, but I haven't tried out Fresh Apple yet.

Vype Hype-2045

A reminder, each eCap of Vype has 18mg of nicotine present. My first huff wasn't nice because #VirginLungs, but the next few were OK. :D Still, I gave it to my husband who uses it frequently, and within a week of using, the eCap hasn't reached half yet. #Matipid hehehe...

Battery is also awesome when full charged, because we've been using this for a week now and we didn't need to charge it yet. :)

Vype Hype-2003

As per Ms. Katrina Macaraig, the BAT Philippines Brand Manager, “In the fast moving e-cigarette category, adult smokers and vapers want a vaping experience from a simple but stylish device that offers a rich vape at the touch of a button."

You can find Vype ePens in select 7-11 outlets for Php1,199. For the refills, you can get a pack of 3 Vype ePen caps costing for Php499.

Vype Hype-2036

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