Big Bad Wolf 2020: An Experience you SHOULD NOT MISS

bbw event poper 2020 Last 13th of February, bookworms celebrated their love for books a whole 24 hours earlier than the rest of the world. It is my first time to attend the Big Bad Wolf Booksale. I believe, it is their 3 rd time around here in Manila, and I am definitely thankful that I am able to attend this year. Here's why:

With the recent N-Cov issues here in Manila, it may give you a double take on weather you should go.

BUT Big Bad Wolf provided extra care and another set of teams to ensure protection to their avid fans and fellow bookworms out there. 
bbw event poper 2020
From the main entrance both VIPs and the regular peeps' entrance are guarded with staff who will spray alcohol on your hands, check your temperatures with infrared thermometers and ensure that all their employees are wearing facemasks for safety precautions. This was announced on their Facebook Page that they encourage fellow book lovers and buyers to wearing a mask when you are going to attend Big Bad Wolf. Before you enter the main hall, there are stalls on the side lanes of the main hall too, they sell accessories and other stuff for either your books or designs. bbw 2

Now, during my book hunting, my heart is so happy to meet new friends who hunts the same book title or author as me. It is really challenging for us to search for Mitch Albom’s books or even Lang Leav. Good thing that they have a Customer Service booth where you can ask where to find specific books. Unfortunately, Mitch Albom’s was not entered on their database, but they have confirmed that it is available still but just try to look around under “Fiction” category.
bbw event poper 2020
New titles I also found include ‘China Rich Girlfriend’ by Kevin Kwan, ‘Into the Water’ by Paula Hawkins, ‘Elevation’ by Stephen King, ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods’ by Rick Riordan  as well as ‘The Power of I Am’ by Joel Osteen, There's also a lot of different children's books, tin books, Augmented Reality books and pop ups perfect for any age.

You can check out more on the Big Bad Wolf book title and author lists here.

It took two to three hours for me and my friends to finally find one of the books written by Mitch Albom. The best part of the book hunting is of course the guaranteed 60-90% discount. On whatever popular or bestselling books you want! This is because BBW gets the extra copies of these bestsellers direct from the factories, which is why they can afford to give it to us consumers at the lowest price possible. The price range of these books is around P160 only and highest that I saw is P230 for a single book. But I heared there are also flash sales that offer different types of books for up to 60 pesos! Set books such as Cassandra Clare’s book set for Shadowhunters is available for just P1,550 good for 5 books already. That's half the price! The set book's original price is around P2,700-3,500.
bbw event poper 2020

Now I really understand why some of my fellow book hunters during that day was crying or even screamed the moment the find the book that they want. I will surely comeback this coming weekend to hunt another book.
bbw event poper 2020
They're also thinking of the planet with their Green Initative program.
bbw event poper 2020
 “As an annual affair, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is committed to providing access to affordable books to the people of Manila,” shares Big Bad Wolf Co-Founder, Jacqueline Ng. “We believe in playing our part for the conservation of the environment and sending the message to our visitors that it is important for everyone to do their share in reducing the use of plastic bags.”
bbw event poper 2020
Besides, if you're really there to buy a lot of books for you and your friends, you can always bring a trusty handcarry suitcase to fill up with books instead. Easier to carry with wheels, and you also get to help save mother nature in the process!
bbw event poper 2020
PS: It's open 24/7 until the 24th- perfect even if you're like me who has an unpredictable work schedule (HELLO 3PM to 12MN peeps!). You can still drop by cause they're open 24/7! So wish me luck for the next time I come back and and you guys should not miss this chance to complete or start your own collection!

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