What it means to work in a HAPPY BPO Company

People say that when it comes to keeping a company up, happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers mean lots of business opportunities. This would probably be why progressive companies have started to put more focus on creating and cultivating a happy working environment. Keeping employees happy does not just mean "pay them high". Money plays a part but it takes more than that to create a conducive and efficient office ambiance that attract and retain excellent talents. An example of successfully integrating employee satisfaction in its corporate culture is premium boutique BPO company TDCX (PH) Inc.


TDCX is a consistent best employer awardee. Reported of a low attrition rate of 2-4 percent last year and has reaped accolades such as “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019” and “Gold for best contact center above 100 seats in Singapore" by Asia Recruitment Awards conferred in Singapore, among other numerous citations.

How can you tell that you're working in a happy BPO company? 

Beyond the bad Monday morning traffic, I know that happy employees still look forward to going to work so they can make valuable contributions to the company. They see their jobs on a more positive light and consider them as a rewarding career.

Happiness at work

TDCX (PH) Inc. senior trainer Jerold Jaranilla for one, describes his job as something “not like work.”

“I start my day with our free coffee to get me going. And then I put my trainer hat on and share to my trainees everything that they need to know to save the day of their customers. It just doesn’t feel like you’re working in an office here,” he shared. That perception can be largely credited to the homey yet modern office setting that greet him and his colleagues each day. TDCX (PH) Inc. veers away from the traditional cube farms dominating the entire office space. Instead the interiors were designed to engage the senses and create memorable experiences for the employees. The play of light, space and colors were intended to encourage sporadic breaks from work or support socializing among co-workers. Carefully selected furniture and aesthetic elements accord a relaxed environment for open communication and collaboration, as well as space to concentrate and be productive.

Jaranilla affirms that “Every section, every corner of every TDCX (PH) Inc. site is truly amazing. It’s modern, it’s unique, it’s comfortable, and most importantly it’s Instagrammable.”

While I know that the ambiance of the place is a very important part to a conducive working environment, I am pretty sure that the office culture there is also awesome. TDCX won't get any sort of recognition like “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019” by Asia Recruitment Awards if it were not the case.

TDCX (PH) Inc. also prides itself for offering their employees a competitive compensation and remuneration package which is 20% higher than the other players in the industry, based on several bench marking studies. But it doesn't stop at big paychecks to entice highly-skilled employees and guarantee retention. They also have a prevailing office culture that enable employees to pursue a more balanced lifestyle. It is one that supports a sense of belonging and meaning among its workforce. Plus, they also enjoy a top-drawer healthcare plan, opportunities for learning and a variety of employee engagement activities such as contests and raffles.

“It has been doing an excellent job in promoting work-life balance and in making sure that everyone is truly happier. We value relationships. We genuinely care for each other and we are committed in working hard to make everyone successful,” reveals Jaranilla.

This results in a widespread upbeat vibe among TDCX (PH) Inc. employees. It is also what inspired the management to coin and imbibe the office mantra “Be Happier.”


“Be happier” does not only serve as a battle cry to celebrate achievements and good times, but it is also a beacon that spurs everyone to achieve their goals…to push through despite the challenges.

As explained by Jaranilla, “Every time I feel pressured, I always remind myself why I wanted to be here in the first place and that’s what keeps me going.” Jaranilla has been with the company since its inception four years ago. He is proud to be part of the pioneer wave and thankful for the opportunities for career and personal growth that the company has offered.

Check out more on TDCX (PH) Inc. and on its “Be Happier” programs here:


To join TDCX (PH) Inc. or learn about career opportunities, contact tdcx.com/careers or (02) 8862-9500.

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