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creamsilk conditioned for greater Pia Wurtzbach Heart Evangelista Nadine Lustre Catriona Gray

The Year 2020 has started us on a rough path, but this is where we usually realize that good is not enough. For these four outstanding Creamsilk hair care ambassadors, they're done with good. Cause we are all Conditioned for Greater.

creamsilk conditioned for greater

Creamsilk has always represented the Filipina at her ultimate. And their range of hair care products that go beyond basic hair care has helped filipinas look and feel the part of an elevated standard of beauty and achievement.

Their family consists of ladies who has what it takes to not just create a difference in the world but to also give empowerment to all other Filipinas out there. Beauty Queens Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray, Actress Nadine Lustre and of course, the long time Creamsilk ambassadress, artist and actress Heart Evangelista are examples of women who dream and get there with their hard work, perseverance and their journey to make them a better person.

creamsilk conditioned for greater

creamsilk conditioned for greater

In line with this, Creamsilk launched their brand purpose campaign #ConditionedForGreater. While Creamsilk gave inspiration via films featuring the four outstanding Filipinas above who have gone from good to great, they went beyond that treat.

They also partnered with to give access to greater opportunities to Filipinas. Edukasyon.PH is the largest education technology platform in the Philippines, and they launched this online academy with 15 free online courses for aspiring businesswomen, creatives and storytellers. This is curated by industry experts and renowned universities from all over the world. The topics include data analytics, videography, public speaking and entrepreneurship to name a few.

creamsilk conditioned for greater Armie Jarin Bennet

The journey of Ms. Armie Jarin Bennet, President of Nine Media Corporation, owner of CNN Philippines is one such story of not just hard work but failures which made her into what she is, what she has today. Adjusting and going for the greater purposes in life is her story.

There is no time better to be a woman than today. Especially in terms of achieving greater things and advancing in one's chosen career. But a brand survey's results show that 7 out of 10 Filipinas are still settling.

creamsilk conditioned for greater

I guess I am part of that seven then, cause the stated main causes for these women to refuse to go further is self doubt, or a lack of means and opportunities. I definitely have a lot of self doubt before, and it is only now that I found the confidence to pursue what I really wanted to do years before- Photography as a business.

The best thing that night is it reminded me that I am on the right path. Thanks to Creamsilk for championing the potential within every Filipina.

I am definitely done with good; cause I am #ConditionedFor Greater.

creamsilk conditioned for greater

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