MetroDental at The Podium opens their grandest clinic yet with MetroDental Kids

Tom Rodriguez for MetroDental Podium Launch
Tom Rodriguez for MetroDental
MetroDental recently opened up their doors to a bigger and better dental care over at The Podium last February 18.Their grand opening is packed with stars that serenaded the crowds that day.

Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto with MetroDental
Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto with MetroDental Dentist

Metrodental Podium Launch Facilities

Metrodental Podium Launch Facilities
The best part is that their clinic is as grand as their opening,  This specialty clinic is fully equipped with with more than 350-square-meters of cutting edge facilities that conform to global standards. You have your reception area, a consultation room, two operating rooms, a sterilization room for dental instruments, sterilization equipment and storage and and 6 treatment rooms that include two pediatric rooms.
Metrodental Podium Launch Facilities Metrodental Podium Launch Facilities
Metrodental Podium Launch Facilities Metrodental Podium Launch Facilities x ray machine
Metrodental Podium Launch pedia dental clinic Metrodental Podium Launch pedia dental clinic

What I loved the best is their pediatric rooms because it looks so inviting. The doctors of MetroDental mentioned that to avoid unnecessary scares of going to the dentist for dental health reasons, you should start them young. It doesn't have to mean that you will go to a dentist for an extraction for kids asap. Once the kids start having teeth, you can bring them in to your dentist and have them for a check up to let them ease up and get to be familiar with the family dentist. There's also a difference between taking care of kids' and adults' teeth.

MetroDental has pediatrician dentists that are equipped to handle your kid's possible tantrums while having a check up or operation. Their ways include using mild sedation anesthesia for operations if tantrums are imminent, like if special kids are too stressed to go on with the needed operation.

MetroDental is the biggest chain of dental clinics and its progress includes a total of 15 clinics in Metro Manila, Pampanga, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao. Their Podium clinic further strengthens its presence in the country as an industry leader since it was established in July 2010.

While they look pricey, they are actually at a competitive price for the type and quality of services that they have for you.

Metrodental launch (11 of 27)
Ms. Leen Chua, President; and Dr. April Cagatin, Pediatric Dentist.

“It has always been the company’s vision to provide modern, high-quality, and accessible dental care in the Philippines. MetroDental is set up in malls nationwide to provide easy access to dental care at the convenience of today’s generation. Our clinics are open during mall hours, on weekends and holidays,” states Leen Chua, president of MetroDental.

“Our flagship service involves Invisalign, the latest technology and trend in straightening teeth without the need of dental braces. Invisalign are sets of clear aligners (like mouthguards) that are first planned/plotted digitally to show patients how we will move their teeth as well as its  outcome. Once the patient is happy with the treatment plan, it is SD printed and provided to the patient,’ notes Ms. Chua.

Metrodental launch (10 of 27)
Their most popular services is in Cosmetic Dentistry, particularly with teeth whitening, Dental implants and Veneers.The latter aims to improve smiles by shaping the teeth and making them brighter. And they 3D print your teeth imprints via the program that they use for these implants. Which means easier and more accuracy unlike if you are gonna bite and you don't have a good bite grip.

The company is known for its excellent patient care services and unparalleled dental expertise that has a network of internationally-trained, board-certified specialists with core competence in their fields. These dental professionals adhere to high quality standards and are knowledgeable in the latest dental treatments and procedures. They undergo continuing education via domestic and international well-known conferences on dentistry practices and developments.

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