How to Share the Love to Your Family Even at a Distance

philamlife share the love
Family has always been a key part of our lives, and showing love and affection does not mean just going to them physically. We don't have to be boxed with frequent visits- there are a lot of love languages that you can use to express your affection for our family. Here's what I've been doing and what you can do to share the love for your family:


How to Share the Love to Your Family Even at a Distance

philamlife share the love
Lately, my family and I have been doing a lot of video calls, especially for birthdays. And for my mom's birthday, I even sent over some cake and my sister sent over extra cash to add to the "handa" or the food for my mom's celebration. Sharing the love nowadays means even if we're not there- there; we make sure that we still have that communication and affection. 

mami cake

In the end, loving someone, be it your fam or your friends would mean giving the time that you have for them, bonding even if it is through phone calls, and checking up on them especially during these times of emergency, like with what happened with the typhoon today. 

philamlife share the love

Another way to show how much you care is by sharing the knowledge of protection. #ShareTheLove today by encouraging your loved ones to get a free financial consultation and get a chance to win exciting prizes such as iPad Air, PS4, a smart watch, and many more! Referral link:

philamlife share the love

Here's how you can join and a list of the raffle prizes too:

How to Join the #ShareTheLove Promo

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Referral Information 

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