Life Lessons I Learned from My Parents


I have realized that we are 99.9 % distracted before the pandemic happened. Once it did, one thing that I have noticed in people is that they're scrambling for that "lost time" with their family or their parents. I also realize that the older I get, the more I get the WHYs of what my mom and dad did for us. They have always shown my siblings and I unconditional love and support in their own way throughout our lives. For this I am sincerely grateful. 

And if there's something good that I learned and am learning from my parents VS plauges, it's these:

Family Mealtime


  • Time is always of importance.

My parents have always given us this mantra of it is better to invest in experiences and books rather than toys. It is better to spend time to strengthen the bond. Spending money comes after. Which is why our family bonding comes from travels to and from different parts of Luzon, different dinner dates and fast food dates at SLEX gas stations whenever we go to our second home in Batangas or in other places we can travel. 

I never understood the literal point of this, until the inevitable pandemic happened.

Time is of importance, and we should spend it wisely, with happy experiences we can look back to and share, forever.

here family photos

With the pandemic happening, I am happy that I have invested in time spent with my family before we got a compulsory vacation from the world. :)

  • Work within your budget. Invest in your "emergency plan".

I noticed that my mom and dad are in to really nice, branded, and high quality jewelries- even if they don't wear it as much as you would think they should. They never did borrow money from friends, and they always had a budget for their credit card bills- paid on time either in full or in 3 month installments. 

As we got older, they never would have gotten my two sisters into a proper college without their budgeting and investing skills. The jewels are a great collateral especially when you need a quick buck for tuition money, and keeping the household budget afloat at the same time is a pretty great skill they have mastered. And passed down to us. 

sand Bar Calayo Nasugbu (47 of 298)

Skills and education are things that my parents passed down to us as their sign of forever love. Because these things we keep forever- they can't be stolen unlike material stuff.

For me though, I am looking into a different kind of Forever Love to pass to my own kids. I think that life plans are better cause if ever something happens, my kiddos have some time to adjust without having to worry about their finances that much.

Forever Love - revised KV 9142020(1)

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  1. Time is indeed important, one of the lesson thay many people learned this pandemic. So always cherish moments, we never know when moments will change or if you will get the moment back. Don't lose the chance to share love and happines if we can. Thanks for sharing! ❤

  2. My mom taught us the importance of education, being kind and generous. As a mother, I am teaching the same values to my daugther. As a Filipino, I think it's part of our culture to be respectful to our elders. When it comes to saving for the future, without judgemeement, Filipino are not that good. Why? maybe because the income that we earn from work goes to the bills and taxes. Insurance is something all Filipinos should look forward!

  3. I think that it's a must to teach finance management and investment to our kids para di na maulit ang nangyari sa previous generations. You're blessed to have parents that taught you about emergency plans.

  4. Kung meron man ako plano for the future yun ang magkaroon ako ng insurance plan, inaayos ko lng budget and hopefully next year makapagstart na ko. And if ever magkapamilya na ko yun din sana ang gusto ko ituro sa knila if ever.

  5. These are practical lessons. Same thing, my parents taught me when and when not to splurge, and what to splurge on. And that emergency fund is important!

  6. Kaya ano? true to lahat.. pati kung dati days go by na di nakakausap mom ko or even my sis. ngayon araw araw talaga since the lockdown started. buti nagkita kita na din kami. we all live in different house na kasi.

  7. You’re so lucky to have parents who are good with their finances, and it will surely help you and your siblings in the long run. 😀 I also take pointers from my parents cos I noticed they’re good at budgeting and investing. Life insurance is great indeed! I wish I started mine earlier. 😀

  8. This pandemic has really taught us a lot and let us get back to what are important, which is our parents ans our family. It is alsongood to know about legacy planning like the items you shared in this article.

  9. Time is always of importance. I agree! As a kid, my parents did not really spoil me with toys. Instead, they bought me this huge set of dictionaries, story books, and encyclopedia. Hahaha! I have always thought I'd be a scientist though, I am really a studious kid. Good thing I was introduced to Journalism, less stress. Hahaha!

  10. Education is the greatest investment hence, books are good gifts. Insurance are good backup plan but shouldn't let the children expect them to 'harvest' it.

  11. Time is really important and we should spend it wisely, with our loved ones! The coverage of AIA Philam Life insurance is good. Halos same sya ng coverage sa insurance ko.

  12. I love how your parents raise you coz they taught you the most important values in life. I agree that we should be prepare for our future and good thing there is philam life which can help us live a life less of worries.