From Beach to Errand #OOTDs with Eve's Chic

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Style is not about sticking with the rules. It is actually about YOUR OWN RULES. Now, since I miss the beach, and Eve's Chic sent me a couple of items.. I'm gonna show you how to mix and match your wardrobe and use your coverups or swimsuits anytime of the year!


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Sheer cover ups can be used to add texture to your outfit

Here I used the Colleen Two-Way Beach Cover Up Blouse in a couple of ways- cinched the waist with a wide belt to give the illusion of curves in the right places and used it to add texture to my black turtleneck. 

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White shorts are a great way to tone down Neon colored pieces

If you're afraid of wearing that neon yellow or green top (in my case, an old swimsuit hahaha!) then all you need is a pair of white casual beach shorts. Eve's Chic has the Gabriella White Casual Shorts which is really comfy and while light, the cloth is thick enough to cover colored undies so no probs on that side! Plus it is high waist- need I say more???

Accessorize and add eyeliner or lipstick for an extra oomph and you're done.

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  1. ay oo naman mommy. Sobrang miss na miss na tlga hehe. Ang ganda naman ng suot mo mommy. bagay na bagay sa inyo 😍😍

  2. Yes mamsh nakakamiss talaga mag Beach at mag suot ng swimwear!

  3. I agree! Style is not about sticking with the rules. It is about your own rules. I love the Casual White Short! How much is it?

  4. Nice mix and matching 👌 who said you can't wear swimsuit as casual wear 😉 you rock 🙌

  5. I love it, so casual, comfy and cute! I love how a simple attire could make you look fab! I really love it... ganyan kasi ako magdamit..:)

  6. i will definitely check this out. ang chill outfit lang.. i havent tried wearing my swim suit in a casual way! i might as well try soon!