Tigernu Philippines Anti Theft Bag Review

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I have the perfect add to cart bag for you for 12 12. If you have always wanted an affordable but great quality anti theft backpack like me, then look no further! Tigernu is the best solution to that. 

With our street being renovated and us not able to use our cars when we go out, I've opted to biking lately. I am sure with the pandemic, most of who have to go to the office are also either biking or catching the train.Which is why this Tigernu T-B3911 is a great solution for us, and for me especially when I have to do grocery shopping while using a bike. 

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RFID Pocket Portection

Tigernu T-B3911 is a pretty big but light backpack at 15.6 inches, weighing only 0.85kg. It features RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) pocket protection, and a great secret pocket for our wallets and phones. RFID is used in today’s payment cards to make payments without physical contact between the card and the terminal. There is a risk to this as unauthorized parties have also upped their game as they can read your payment card details from a distance.

This means that paying with your card can be a risk as it can be misused without your knowledge and without your consent. Fortunately bags like the Tigernu T-B3911 anti-theft laptop bag are equipped with an RFID pocket to protect your payment cards from being accessed.

Water Resistant

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I also love that I can bike and lug this backpack with my laptop around and be secure because of its water resistant feature. Even if I get accidental spills or unpredictable weather, I know that my stuff is safe from water damage.

Secure Laptop Compartment

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Speaking of my laptop, I have a thing for putting them in sleeves within sleeves with my other bags before just to have that sense of security that it won't get scratched. The thing I love with this affordable Tigernu bag is that the laptop pocket has quite the foam protection sewn in. The laptop compartment it has can accommodate laptops of 12 to 15.6 inches. You can find this compartment in the main part of the bag which can be locked using a combination lock.

Handy strap for luggage

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And when the time comes that we can travel again, I also love that this T-B3911 has a strap which you can use to hold this backpack to your luggage in place. With that in mind, I am sure that I will have no problem with my laptop and cameras slipping from my luggage if I'm tired from the plane trip. Hopefully, we can do that soon.


This is actually on sale this 12.12 for only 960 Php! Regular price is at 2,600 php, and the price is a definite STEAL!

You can get this bag along with other affordable Tigernu Anti-Theft backpacks over on their Official Shopee Store here.

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