Three Christmas Pairs That Will Definitely Make You Smile

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Christmas season usually starts way earlier than the rest of the world for Filipinos. The minute the clock strikes midnight on September 1, you can be sure that we're out on a tizzy to do shopping for decor (or online shopping for it this year.) This is a tradition unique to our country and known to be the longest in the world. While the festivities may be a bit different and toned down this year, that doesn’t mean we should let go of the happiness tied to our favorite holiday.

Here are some of our favorite Yultide duos that can remind us to not be too sad- we're still here and we're still doing Christmas! :

Bibingka and Puto Bumbong 


Ever imagine what the holidays smell like? This is it for me- sweet smelling mix of rice flour, salted eggs and cheese for me! If there’s a pair of food most associated with a uniquely Filipino Christmas, it has to be bibingka and puto bumbong. You can usually find rhis outside churches after Simbang Gabi.  And because we can’t imagine celebrating the holidays without it, we’re looking forward to everyone’s home recipes taking over our social media feeds in the coming weeks.

Parols and Belens

Christmas is colorful here as well, with the whole village having an iteration of the star that guided the three kings over on our own house. Giving vibrant and illuminated flavor to the holidays, parols and belens are the visual signals that Christmas is here. The roads are extra cute and bright because of the shining stars on various telephone poles and buildings, as well as our neighbor’s windows. Meanwhile, belens, whether placed in the home or outside with lights, show while we revel in the festivities, we never let go of the true meaning of Christmas.

Jose Mari Chan and Nico Bolzico 

Double the flavor with Lay's Duo Packs

While Jose Mari Chan is basically synonymous with Christmas in the Philippines, Nico Bolzico’s name is more associated with the top memes and engaging social media content. But this year, the legendary crooner and the funny man are an official Christmas duo with their new holiday music video entitled “Remix in Our Hearts.” Released just in time to add flavor to the season, the unlikely pair collaborated on a duet all about making everyone’s yuletide celebrations more fun and flavorful with the Lay’s Duo Pack.


Giving you twice the crispy snack so you can #DoubleTheHolidayFlavor for your online and offline Christmas gatherings, the Lay’s Duo Pack is an awesome twosome, just like Jose Mari Chan and Nico Bolzico, made for celebrating the holidays with more fun and excitement.

Available in various combinations of the brand’s signature flavors: Classic, Barbecue, Sour Cream and Onion, and Cheddar and Sour Cream, the Lay’s Duo Pack is just what you need to close out 2020, and start 2021 in the best way possible.

Double the holiday flavor with Lay’s Duo Pack, available for only Php246 (Buy 2, Save Php40) in all groceries, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide and via e-commerce partners Lazada and Shopee. For more information, visit the Lay’s Philippines Facebook page. #LaysOnHoliday


  1. Oooh, I've seen Lay's ad, hehe!

    I wish we can bring the kids to a place that offers puto bumbong and bibingka

  2. ang sarap naman putobumbong and bibingka 😍😍

  3. I am so proud to say that Filipinos have a very unique way of spending and celebrating Christmas. From Simbang Gabi to bibingka and puto bumbong.! I really miss those times. I wish I could go back home and spend Christmas the Filipino way in the future.

  4. Christmas is always better in the Philippines, snow na lang ang kulang para super complete na ang dream Christmas! What Pinoy Christmas be like without Jose Mari Chan?!

  5. True po 😃 September pa lang Pasko na sa Pinas 😊 fave ko yung puto bumbong tuwing Christmas season 😃 bongga naman ng lays may pa duo 😃

  6. I’m suddenly nostalgic of christmas season here in the philippines. Now, well christmas just isn’t the same for any of us. But still, let’s raise our spirits!

  7. Haha! Never uin my wildest dreams that Nico Bolzico will be paired with no less than Jose Mari Chan himself! Christmas would never be the same again with the pairing of this two!

  8. nywahaha i watched this when it came out. tuwang tuwa ako kay Nico and JMC!! give na give din si JMC eh! perfect Christmas tandem sila!