James Reid Gives Pointers on Unlocking your Inner Trailblazer

Mountan Dew Trailblaze 

Having that willpower to pursue your vision or dream is one of the best feelings in the world. That's qualities you can find in a Trailblazer. For actor, singer-songwriter and producer James Reid, it definitely hits close to home. Starting out in showbiz ten years ago, James has broken the mold of what it is to be a celebrity today, going for projects that allow him to freely express his creativity, his full potential. 


James Reid Mountain Dew

For him being a trailblazer is more than that willpower to pursue your passion, but it also leads to a discovery of the self, with accepting the adventures and opportunities that await him.

This go-getter attitude takes center stage in the new Mountain Dew campaign, starring none other than James. Calling on everyone to pursue their passions no matter what, Mountain Dew gives the fuel to unlock the ingenious spirit in Filipinos, in order to let their inner trailblazer shine, just like their endorser. “James exudes and reflects the attitude of Mountain Dew,” says Brand Manager Gutzee Segura. “He fiercely pursues his passions despite challenges, and that kind of attitude is something our brand has always represented.”

James Reid Mountain Dew

In his latest commercial, James can be seen literally going his own way as he races on ATVs with a few friends. When asked what he enjoyed most about the shoot, he said, “The best part was being out in nature, and taking the bikes for a ride on the trail after the shoot,” clearly showing his thrill-seeking personality.

To encourage people to go after their dreams, James’ advice is to first find what you love. “A good starting point would be with something you know you love, then let your fears be a guide for what you must work on,” he says. “Nothing is more empowering than overcoming your doubts and working on your passion.”

James Reid Mountain Dew

Empowering everyone to unlock their inner trailblazers, Mountain Dew is giving lucky Filipinos a shot under the spotlight. By remaking James’ commercial filled with astig moments and posting it on social media with the hashtag #DewRealTrailblazer, five Dewds with the highest number of likes will be given thrilling prizes from the refreshment brand, plus a chance to be featured in their next commercial.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you - #DotheDew and unlock the trailblazer in you! Mountain Dew is available in all grocery stores, supermarkets and sari-sari stores nationwide. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewPH.

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