Easy 3 Steps to Bright White Teeth and Fresh Oral Hygene

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Self care does not just mean gathering all your skincare needs- it is an over all health thing. But we usually forget a couple key things with our self care- namely our dental health. While you might think that brushing is good enough, you've definitely heard your dentist say that it is not- it's lacking. Here's how I ensure that I get proper dental self care in three easy steps!

  1. Brush your teeth 3x a day- And try to brush at least 30 mins. after eating if you had something acidic to make sure that our enamel stays strong and healthy!
  2. Floss! This ensures that we remove plaque and debris from areas that a toothbrush can’t reach. 
  3. Rinsing with a tried and tested mouthwash like LISTERINE® for at least 30 seconds, once in the morning and once at night.


Brushing only kills 25% of germs in the mouth and by rinsing with LISTERINE® twice every day, you can achieve a healthier mouth vs. just brushing alone.

To make things more fun and perky, you can now bite your teeth on these two new limited-edition flavors on Shopee starting June 7, 2021! I am personally into the Aloe & Cucumber flavor as it kind of reminds me of a spa day. But if you want something more tropical then Pomelo & Passion Fruit is the way to go! 
With its botanically-inspired flavors, these variants ensure to give you that fresh clean feeling your mouth has been longing for, while also killing 99.9% of germs that brushing alone cannot provide! These products also have 0% alcohol which is perfect for those that aren’t a fan of that stinging feeling!

Both flavors also come in two sizes at 250ml for Php 115.00 and 500ml for Php 209.00.

Join the #ListerineDetoxChallenge by posting on your social media platforms different ways on how you can detox at home and don’t forget to show how you detox your mouths too with the help of LISTERINE®! It’s high time you #DetoxYourWay to a healthier mouth by rinsing with LISTERINE’s® limited edition flavors, Aloe & Cucumber or Pomelo & Passion Fruit!

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