DIY Salon Treatment at Home with Shine Moist Philippines

Shine moist hair care

Getting to book for appointments lately has been difficult. Especially when it comes to getting retouches, salon treatments or when you're thinking about changing your hair color. Aside from that, the point of going to the salon and getting exposed to other people who are not a part of our household is quite scary for me at the moment. Fortunately for us, there is a solution to our hair care needs: Shine Moist Philippines

Shine Moist is now available on Shopee, and for this coming October 19th, they're having a big sale on their items, as they recently just opened up shop there. Shine Moist Philippines is actually used in most salons, so I know that they're pretty great at what they do. 

Shine moist hair care

If you're itching for a new color without the bleach, grab yourself their Shine Moist Henna Wax! It is a cellophane treatment that is dedicated to giving life to dull frizzy hair with a subtle pop of color.

The color usually lasts for 2-3 weeks while revitalizing the hair.

If you want that extra pop of color, or blonde, or you just wanna go full Silver hair, you can get all that you need with Shine Moist. They have what you need to turn your look up a notch!

Shine moist hair care

You can add to cart their Shine Moist Salon Grade Hair Color Set, their Bleach Powder 1+3 and their Colormate Hair Developer to make your hair lift for a better color. Don't forget to do a patch test before using to check for allergies, alright? 

Shine moist hair care

Here's how you can DIY your hair at home:

Word of caution: never bleach dry, damaged hair. Do-it-yourself only if you have virgin to almost virgin tresses that can handle the stripping effect of bleach. If you're unsure, chat up a pro hairstylist.

Ready to do it at home? Here’s how!

  • Mix 1 scoop of Shine Moist Bleaching Powder with 3 scoops of Shine Moist Colormate Hair Developer. Here is a guide for choosing your Colormate:
    • Colormate 6% (20 volume): lightens 1-2 depths
    • Colormate 9% (30 volume): lightens 2-3 depths
    • NOTE: Colormate 12% (40 volume) that lightens 3 to 4 depths is also available but is not recommended for bleaching at home. Instead, it’s for professional salon use.

Apply the bleach to small sections of your unwashed dry hair with a brush and gloved hands.

  1.  Start from the back and make your way to the front.
  2. Start with the ends and mid-lengths then apply to the roots. The roots are easy to lift, so bleach them last! You want darker roots than the ends and not the other way around.
  3. Leave for 30 minutes before rinsing. Spray water a bit because bleach likes moisture. You can also use a shower cap to help keep the heat in which helps with the lightening effect.
  4. Rinse with WARM water (can’t stress that enough). You don’t want to shock the hair and make it expand. And don’t scrub your now-fragile scalp.
  5. Use a Toning Purple Shampoo to counter those brassy tones.
  6. If you're going for that luscious gray, blue or red hair, repeat the whole process two weeks later for the best results. This is to allow your hair to recover before attempting another round of bleaching. And do it only if your hair is still healthy enough to handle another session.

Shine moist hair care

What I have learned with my deep dive into coloring hair is that you will definitely need a treatment after doing such a change of hair color. This makeover will not be complete unless you add in Shine Moist Ionic Keratin Treatment. You can also use this treatment once a week to revive and nourish your hair. And use the Shine Moist Hair Conditioner for every time you shower.

Shine moist hair care

Enjoy your new YOU safely at home with Shine Moist Philippines!

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