Watch or Create and Get Reawrds with Zik Talk


ZikTalk evolves from a language exchange social network service into a short video platform based on real-time rewards. If you want to “Create, Enjoy and Earn”, Ziktalk is the app to be!

ZikTalk rewards both video content creators and viewers in real time with a ‘social token’ that utilizes blockchain technology and its own token. The cumulative number of users of the service is 660,000.

Content creator is rewarded through social activities by recording people dancing, cooking, traveling and more in short vertical videos, then editing and sharing special effects and phrases using AR function in the app.  

The users who don’t create the content also can be rewarded just by watching a video or inviting friends.

One of the key features of Ziktalk is commenting in video form as well as posting videos. He
mentioned that the service is preparing the marketing campaign called ‘Video Got Talent’ by using
video commenting feature.

The campaign is going to be a creative and fun video commenting challenge that anyone can easily
participate in, such as stacking paper cups high within a minute or flying a paper airplane far away.
The event schedule will be announced soon.

Shim, CEO of Ziktalk, said, “The policy to reward both video content creators and viewers with social
tokens is the first in the short-form video platform industry. We will make Ziktalk a competitive
global platform for the users to share their videos in daily lives with 66K users and to get rewards
in real time.

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