Free "Trials" January, Spark the Energy this February with Berocca!

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Pretty sure that January 2022 is a free trial month. 

And I'd like to take it back; restart the new year with February. It was a rough ride for sure, with me having to take care of two kids who got dengue on January 1. In that first month alone, I got a couple of devastating news family wise, on top of having to get tested and swabbed, then face my fears of going back to the hospital to care for my daughter who got sick with Dengue.

Oh how I wish that these things equated to a Hogwarts letter instead. That'll make my January magical for sure hahaha!


After all that stress, we still had to deal with our everyday life of catching up with all the missed assignments, unlucky business matters, getting our booster shot after the hospital admission, getting the kids vaccinated once they've got better platelet counts and just all around a crazy ride.

The only thing that got me through, especially during that stay at the hospital was video calls from my husband and family. And my two tubes of Berocca, which I drank everyday for that extra boost of B vitamins, Vitamin C and other minerals that helped my body stay immune from sickness, support my physical energy and enhance my mental sharpness despite the long nights there.

I have always sworn by the orange fizzy stuff even before, especially whenever I travel. It really helps my body keep up with everything that is happening in my life. 

Manifesting to Spark the Energy for EVERYTHING this February

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With all that happened, come February I went back to my hobbies and took a break from all that stress. Practicing my music and sometimes jamming with my kids helped me to calm myself and face all the challenges that we are facing.  Got my booster shot. Got a bit of a weird skin allergy with it. Which prevented me from doing my usual makeup or skincare. On the bright side, I went to my sister's graduation photo taking and did her makeup.

Also, I tried to change my way of thinking, as we all know that positive thinking gives off positive vibes and abundance. So, every time I wake up lately, I think of two or three things that are on my to-do list. I also thought about my day in quarters. You have mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights.

If something goes wrong, it won't be my whole day that's ruined, just a quarter of it, and then I think of things to be grateful for instead, which makes my mental health be a bit more stable.


I also got entranced by the spark of energy from crystals. Started out with ones that exude calm and love, help out in communication like a blue lace agate, and things escalated to me getting some crystals known for giving protection and abundance, like black tourmaline and some Citrines. I've now got a mini collection of bracelets and raw rocks that help me keep calm and sane.

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Incidentally, these crystals above remind me of Berocca too. They both give off high vibration happy energies that help you propel yourself to abundance. Citrines and rutis for my everyday work life, and Berocca is the one that keeps my body have high physical energy and great mental sharpness to help me adjust to life's challenges. 

These weird times might be causing us to struggle, feel anxious and bored out of our minds. But Berocca is here to help the positive vibes flow as it is clinically-proven to help reduce stress and anxiety!

You, too, can #SparkTheEnergy by joining the Berocca Supercharged Squad. Let’s get through these tough times better and stronger. It’s time to add Berocca in our daily routine!

Tune in to the fun and exciting activities to #SparkTheEnergy with Berocca this 2022! Incoming this MARCH :D

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