Kids have More Fun Online with Tutor's Lounge Summer Classes

Life has really thrown us for a loop lately but it does not mean that our kid's summer activities have to stop. Jenae and Raffa has given some interest in singing and playing instruments, so I got them signed up for a couple of lessons. They've been learning the piano a few months ago with their grandpa as their Maestro, but they wanted to expand their skills some more. 

Jenae voice lesson tutors lounge

The best and affordable one so far that I found is from Tutor's Lounge

What does Tutor's Lounge offer for our kids?

Tutor's Lounge offers a variety of classes ranging from music with Voice, Piano, ukelele as well as playgroups, plus academic classes like Science, Reading & Math, Filipino & AP and more. They have an ongoing promo right now, 1,500 Php for 20 sessions.

They have been teaching kids since 2013, and have decided to embrace the online game with the current situation. I am definitely assured that they can give improvement since they've been at it for 7 years already. You can also contact them for one on one tutorials if it is what you prefer.

My Kid's Experience with Tutor's Lounge

Jenae voice lesson tutors lounge

Jenae did her Beginner's Voice lesson last month. After, I have seen a great improvement when it comes to her singing. For starters, she actually has better control of her voice and can reach higher notes with ease. Plus she does not complain of her throat hurting when she sings too much. 


They used Zoom for their classes, and even if it was via online, there was still camaraderie and order within the chaos of trying to  make sure that each kid has a chance to practice. The group class consisted of around 8 to 9 kids, so each has ample time to try out the piece that they're learning. Another plus with the smaller class number, the internet connectivity was not an issue, unlike their school's which has around 23 to 30 kids per class. 

I also loved that at the end of the lesson, the kids were allowed to talk a bit so Jenae did make a couple of friends with the 20 sessions that we applied for. It was so great, that now I have her back with Tutor's Lounge- this time for her Ukelele Classes.

Jenae voice lesson tutors lounge

More Programs and BIG DEALS with Tutor's Lounge

The group lessons are priced at 1500 Php for 20 sessions. That is a real steal to be honest! Aside from the violin, guitar, voice, ukelele, and piano beginner and intermediate music lessons, they also have a series of:


  • Playgroup class which is perfect for toddlers to 7 years of age
  • Academic group classes like Filipino, AP, Math, Science, from grade 1 to High School 
  • Singaporean Math classes for the more advanced ones as well as Computer literacy
  • Arts and Crafts Classes


I also saw that they have one on one classes in case you would prefer an in depth lesson with your child. You can register for the online classes and check out other details here: 

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  • 📱0917 8927293 
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