Nido 3+ Expertips Congress: What They Wish Parents of 3+ Toddlers Knew

Ever felt that feeling that our kids grow up way too fast? I've especially felt that during my own kid's 3+ childhood development stage. The thing is, they start exploring, they learn new skills and experience a new sense of self-awareness—and it’s really incredible to witness as parents! 

Nido expertips

I also know that this stage of their development is the most difficult and the most important when it comes to their nutrition. Once they start being picky with food, how can you be mindful of the food you serve?

I've had to be more aware of the food I serve to them, making sure we're giving them the right nutrients but at the same time, something they also like and enjoy eating. I got a bit of a refresher on this the last week. 


All these questions—and more—were answered by a panel of experts as NIDO® 3+ hosted the ExperTIPS Congress last May 15, 2021. 

The virtual parenting congress gave me, my kiddo Rafael and all other moms in attendance a fun and interactive learning experience. There were exciting booths to try out, and even an interactive website featuring rooms with games that they can explore. It was a fun way for the kids as well to learn that what is in their milk. All this while learning helpful and valuable tips on how to make sure they’re providing the right nutrients to their #TodoExplorer during this crucial stage in their development. 

Nido expertips

Rafael surely had a lot of fun with the games and the photobooth. :D

Nido expertips

We also saw celebrity moms Marian Rivera and Iya Villania at Nido 3+'s congress. They shared their first-hand experiences in 3+ toddler parenthood, and inspired more parents to enjoy little and big moments of parenting. 

In case you missed it, you can still watch, learn, and play through this website 

Expert pediatricians were also present to share topics and tips for us parents. Based on a global project collaboration between Nestle Research Center and the Philippines’ Food and Nutrition Research Institute, the typical diet of a Filipino toddler has inadequate intakes for many nutrients needed to support their growth and development. 

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“Their diet includes a lot of carbohydrates in the form of rice and sweets and less of proteins and fats as seen in low intake of milk, fruits and vegetables and other iron sources. Thus, there is an imbalance of important macronutrients and micronutrients,” said Dr. Edward Santos.

These nutrients are important to support physical and cognitive growth and development as well as normal immune function during 3+ toddlerhood. While we all have our favorite homemade food, Dr. Santos reminded parents that they play a key role in shaping their +3 toddlers’ diet. They have to be mindful of the food they introduce at home. 

How to combat a 3+ toddler’s diet and Picky Eating

Rafael bento

This is why I got interested in creating bento for Rafael and Jenae. Preparing their food in such a cute and colorful manner helps to encourage the child to "eat their colors", making things fun and interesting for them. And of course, if you feel that what they ate is not adequate when it comes to nutrition, you can always add in a glass of NIDO® 3+ to assist.

Ms. Sagarbarria also emphasized including age-appropriate milk in your 3+ toddler’s diet to support their growth and development. “Age-appropriate milk is formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of young children,” said Ms. Sagarbarria.

For mommy Marian Rivera, she only trusts NIDO® 3+ for her daughter Zia. “I make sure na nakakainom siya ng 2 glasses of NIDO® 3+ a day along with balanced meals, para confident ako na
TODO PROTECTED si Ate Zia at maiwasan ang nutrient inadequacy lalong lalo na at big milestones ang 3+ toddlerhood,” shared the celebrity mom.

Nido 3+ ExperTips Congress 2

As the true expert in 3+ toddlerhood, NIDO® 3+ is formulated to be rich in protection nutrients like
Vitamins A, C, E, PREBIO3®, Iron, Zinc and other essential minerals; not to mention the only milk with LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS® that helps support a child's upper respiratory defenses. NIDO® 3+ is definitely every parent’s ally in 3+toddler nutrition, helping parents keep their Todo Explorers TODO protected and TODO supported during this adventurous time in their development. For healthy 3+ toddler years, choose the best and trusted milk drink -- NIDO® 3+.

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