Miniso Dazzling False Eyelash Review

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I rarely wear false eyelashes, and that's because I have always found them a but uncomfortable to wear. Turns out, I have just not been wearing the good ones, the ones with a nice quality. The first time I wore comfortable eyelashes was definitely with Miniso, those ones that came 6 pairs for 100 ish pesos. 

Miniso Dazzling False Eyelash Price and Variation

The Dazzling False Eyelash variant though cost more, around 100 per pair. Really worth it because they have lasted me for quite some time. With just a swipe of micellar water after using, clean it up and they're good to go again. According to the box, this one is made from 100% human hair.

False eyelash

So far I have seen two variants of these:

Cassie which is a full doll eyelash look

Lena which is better suited for fox eyes or cat eye looks with it's outer lashes being longer than the inner ones,

The band of these is different from the usual black band, the lashes themselves are lighter and these two factors make for a very comfortable wear time.

False eyelash

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Miniso Dazzling False Eyelash in Lena

I have used them in a couple of cosplays and for those photos and occasions where I want to look a bit extra special, and my verdict for this is that this one is so comfortable that I can wear it all day. 

Miniso Dazzling False Eyelash in Cassie

If you're looking for a good pair of lashes for a cheap price, this is the one to go. That's because for lashes of this quality, I know that they usually range from 250 pho to less that 1000 php per pair.

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Hope this review helps!

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