#ReborntoBeGreater : Cream Silk's Latest Ultimate Reborn Range


Life gives us unexpected little surprises, that may feel like we're being hindered to be our best. But what I learned in life is that we are the ones that really stand in the way of our greatest self. Our very reaction to these things is what will break or make us to be greater than ever. This year is definitely the time to re-visit our goals, our commitments and become better so we may receive better- be it in our career, our spirituality or our health. 


Creamsilk has always understood the goals that we women take in account, and strives for limitless possibilities, as it aims to help modern Filipinas realize their potential for greatness. 


This year, Creamsilk introduces its most powerful formulation yet: Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn, pioneering technology combining the power of three ultra-nourishing oils, providing care and conditioning like no other for hair that’s ultimately reborn and full of life. 

Our all time favorite conditioner understands this need to better themselves, so they came up with a reformulation that includes the Tri-Oleo Complex formulation. This penetrates deep into hair layers and revives locks from dull, dry and lifeless to be beautifully reborn and visibly full of life, enabling women to be greater than ever. 


Tri Oleo Complex was demonstrated to us from the virtual launch, with the beautiful flowers they sent alongside the three essential oils that was also used to create the new Creamsilk Ultimate Reborn.

  • Marula Oil for Moisturizing, resulting in thick, healthy and moisturized locks

  • Argan Oil for Strengthening from further damage by lowering the chance of proteins leaving your locks

  • Rosehip Oil for Smootheing, as it contains healthy nutrients for an extra smooth and anti frizzy hair.

All these combined within Tri-Oleo Complex, Cream Silk offers triple action nourishment that targets the weakest areas of the hair fibre, nourishes from within and coats and protects each strand to restore strength, smoothness and moisturization for hair beautifully reborn and visibly full of life.


These three oils did provide our flowers that extra fresh look- and made my flowers look vibrant for at least a week! And I have already seen what it can also do to my own hair as I have been using the Blue Damage Control variant of Creamsilk Ultimate Reborn for more than a week after that.20210505_152847-2

Rediscover yourself with the All-New Cream Silk, now providing you nourishment like no other so you never have to settle again. Be beautifully reborn, greater than ever with the All New Cream Silk with Tri-Oleo Complex. The all-new Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn with Tri-Oleo Complex is now available for Php111.20 (170mL bottle) nationwide in leading supermarkets, groceries, drugstores, department stores, and online stores. For more information, visit www.creamsilk.com.ph.

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