Safe and Hygenic Baby Caring Tips with Pampers


Caring for a newborn or toddler can be daunting and yet rewarding. I do wish there were available resources before when I was struggling on how to care for my child- especially when they were being makulit while I was changing their diaper. After two kids though and getting great deals with Pampers, not just financially but with the quality of their product, I would love to share with you some tips and my experience with changing and caring for our children's skin and keeping them breezy and clean.

Wash your hands and sanitize

Just like with any chore that we need to handle especially something with sensitive skin, we need to make sure that our hands are sanitized and free from most germs. You can use a hand sanitizer first if you can't go right away to the sink to wash your hand with soap and water. Clean and sanitize the changing area after using. 

Prepare all you might need when changing baby's diaper

I made the mistake of not having everything ready once in my reach and I paid for it dearly by having a big mess on my hands. One thing that we should always do is to have your diapers and baby wipes or wet cotton balls be at an arm's reach. And one way to make sure that baby won't be too makulit is to give him or her a rattle or something that will occupy his or her hands.

Stock up on diapers and baby wipes for ease of mind for this. You can use Pampers Newborn Kit that is on sale today- April 14th! It includes:

  • Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers New Born 20s, made of cottony, breathable materials that allow air to circulate. Pampers Baby Dry Taped Diapers New Born 20s helps baby stay dry and protected from rashes. 
  • As well as Baby Wipes with Aloe 72s.As mild as washcloth and water, Baby Wipes with Aloe 72s are 20% thicker to help clean delicate skin gently and dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.
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