Laking NIDO, Laging Protektado with Shopee Moms Club

Being a mother is a rewarding and tough at the same time. This is because we moms want to make sure that our little ones experience an amazing childhood. They are only kids once, after all.  


Part of the tough times is when around 3+ years old, the kids start to become picky with what they want to eat. I had a difficult time adjusting my Raffa to solid food, and I had a bit of hesitation as well if he was getting all the nutrients that he might need. Good thing that Nido is there to assist. Since he turned 3 years old, Raffa had been drinking NIDO® 3+ and he loves it! 


NIDO® 3+ is a big help on providing a nutritional foundation for growth and development to my kiddos. It gears them up for a Protectodo Journey. Nido helps Raffa achieve the 10 signs of good nutrition such as being mentally alert, has good appetite, great immune system and more.  I can certainly say that Raffa is #NIDOProtecTodo

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