Crown Street Kitchen Review: Satisfy your craving with this Australian All Day Breakfast Restaurant at Molito, Alabang

Hungry for a great breakfast spread? Crown Street Kitchen is an Australian All-Day Breakfast Experience. No need to go and get your plane tickets if you want great food, just go for a drive to Molito, Alabang. The place is inspired from Crown Street in Sydney, and they definitely showcase the best of what Australia has to offer. You're getting tasty all-day breakfast, light & filling lunch and dinner choices, healthy smoothies, and fresh juices. 

PS: You'll also find Salt and Ice Bar on the second floor of Crown Street Kitchen! 

Yup, awesome hang out place alert! Think about it- you can get your drinks, fresh oysters, great tapas plus have your hang over food in the same-ish place :D

A Look inside Crown Street Kitchen

The place has a spacious and light interior, mixed in with earthy tones, and I can easily see me and my family or friends having a great time here. But the star of Crown Street Kitchen is their food. 

Here's a peek on some of my favorite dishes from Crown Street Kitchen. I'll also follow up with my thoughts on Salt and Ice Bar in another post.

Eats and Menu of Crown Street Kitchen Molito

Peach Honey Glazed Porkchops: Perfectly cooked, tender and succulent porkchops infused with a honey glaze. You would think it is sweet but it is quite savory. The honey I believe helps to tenderize the porkchop.

This is Crown Street Kitchen's take on a breakfast sandwich. Tastes like heaven to me! Chips are also nicely seasoned with a bit of kick. 

My favorite salads from their menu are the Kale and Pumpkin Salad above and the Spinach and beets with cheese below.

Corn Fritters: Think corn filled pancakes topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg that doubles as your syrup to the fritters. Everything is topped with fried sweet potato for the texture and extra flavor.

Roasted Beef Shortribs: This is just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth goodness. It better be cause it was braised for 8 hours, you can taste the love and care put into this dish. Definite must try. If you feel that this is too much for you, then I suggest you go for the Brisket Pasta below instead. Same beefy goodness, elevated with a bit of parm and spaghetti.

For desserts, you can opt to try out the Passionfruit and Strawberry macarons or the Tim Tam Sundae. I preferred the sundae, just because it appeals to my inner child more. Plus Tim Tams are an Australian favorite and this dish has that plus a healthy couple of scoops of ice cream, along with a seductive cone topped with gold flakes.

The Menu of Crown Street Kitchen

I'd say this is one of the better places to eat when you and your family drops by around Molito, Alabang. It is pretty easy to spot, as it is just beside Barcino. Definitely coming back cause I can't wait to have another go at the Brisket Pasta and their Honey Glazed Porkchops. 

🏠 Crown Street Kitchen
📍 Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang (Beside Barcino)
☎️ 0917 706 7848
✅ Cash/Card

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