FLASH GROUP showcases its tech-advanced and integrated Logistics Business Network in the Philippines

Flash Express and its couriers clad in yellow helmets and black-and-yellow shirts are now ready to expand to even better sights. Enter Flash Group, a fully integrated e-commerce logistics company that presented its highly-tech advanced ecosystem through the following business networks; Flash Express, Flash Home, Flash Fulfillment, and FlashPay last Thursday, March 7, 2024, in Taguig, City.

Flash Group was established in 2017 in Thailand by its founder and CEO Mr. Komsan Lee. In just three years, the company acquired its status as ‘Thailand's First Unicorn’, a recognition given to a company with a value of US$1 billion.

In 2021, the company launched Flash Express in the Philippines and became one of the fastest-growing couriers and logistics companies in the country hitting 95% serviceable areas nationwide in less than a year. Disrupting the e-commerce logistics industry by providing excellent delivery services among Filipinos. 

Over the years, learning from its best practices in Thailand, Flash Group with its excellent strategic planning of adding hundreds of hubs and distribution centers across the country, simultaneously, the company was also able to establish and start providing its other logistics services which are positively accepted by the Philippine Market.

Flash Express

Forwards business through its self-operated delivery network, cost-effective solutions, and B2B to C2C services.

Flash Home

Extends business opportunity to every Filipino through a partnership that offers low-cost cost-service, higher profit margin, and value-added services for a minimum investment and requirements.

Flash Fulfillment

Fulfills customers' logistics requirements with its material & e-commerce warehouse facilities to manage inbound/outbound logistics, order, and inventory management.


Offers digital and automated financial transaction services to merchants by providing electronic wallet services, payment collections, and payout solutions. 

Flash Express Country People Head cited during the press conference that the company is servicing the major e-commerce platforms in the country and has over 4,819 key customers all over the Philippines expecting it to increase by 50% this year.

“Aside from our highly-tech advanced logistics ecosystem, the company is also working to add more facilities, hubs, and distribution centers to sustain our 95% serviceable areas as we aim to deliver 300,000,000 parcels as our target this year”, Chew said.

As of January, the company has 28 sorting hubs in the Philippines, as well as 736 distribution centers and 27 pick-up distribution centers. Plus, 2,025 Flash Home branches.

Flash Group employs 22,000 all over the country, of which 18,000 are operations staff expecting to grow by 30% to back up its operations this year.

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