Yellow Cab Debuts Yummy Half Moon Pizza at their Best Ever Pizza Party!

We are all craving pizzas, at any time of the day. Yellow Cab recently had their own rocking version of a Pizza Party filled with games, fun surprises and awesome music. This iconic pairing of Pizzas and parties brings people together to celebrate taste, joy, and community. Pizza's social nature makes it perfect for gatherings, with its circular shape symbolizing unity and its shareable slices catering to everyone. The endless variety of toppings ensures something for everyone, making it the ultimate party centerpiece.

On February 24th, 2024, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. celebrated this connection with the "Best Ever Pizza Party" at the Papa Bear Area, Bonifacio Global City. Thousands of pizza enthusiasts enjoyed a day filled with fun games, fantastic music, and, most importantly, FREE pizza!

The Best Ever Pizzas from Yellow Cab

The Best Ever Pizza Party from Yellow Cab is a celebration of their "Best Ever Pizzas" featuring bolder flavors thanks to cheesier bites, generous meat toppings, and their signature fresh dough made with premium ingredients and real mozzarella cheese. 

Alongside was the unveiling of Yellow Cab's newest innovation: Half Moon Pizzas! 

The Half Moon Pizzas is the ideal grab-and-go pizza for when you’re craving but going solo, in a rush, or can’t decide between two flavors. The new solo offer starts at just P159 and comes with a slew of add-ons like a soda, pasta, or chicken that you can choose from to make it a complete meal. It comes in Pepperoni and Hawaiian flavors.

Yellow Cab clarified that each Half Moon Pizza order is prepared individually and are not just slices taken from a whole pizza to guarantee its freshness and give it a unique crust at the edges. 

Best ever Collaborations

The party started at 2pm to give guests a chance to enjoy various side activities, including a photo booth; "Half Moon Serve and Topping Throw" challenges. First up on the games was Topping Throw, where participants had to make sure their toppings stick to the big pizza in front of them.  

Another was the Half moon serve where you had to flip and make sure that the Half Moon Pepperoni Pizza will be face up while tossing it up on the air. Participants who complete all activities got the chance to win boxes of Yellow Cab's Best Ever Pizzas in a raffle, allowing them to host their own pizza parties.

Adding visual flair, multimedia artist Raco Ruiz designed the event poster, capturing the youthful spirit of the occasion. Lifestyle brand Syndrome Supply by Anton and Inigo Cruz released limited-edition tees and tote bags featuring the party's logo which can be purchased during the event.

It was the absolute pizza concert, as Yellow Cab invited renowned artists to keep the spirits high.

Clara Benin was present to serenade the party goers, with her hit music. The beloved indie darling brought her unique voice and acoustic guitar skills, setting the tone for a memorable evening. 

Lola Amour was also present, fresh off their performance with Coldplay. They captivated the audience with their distinct jazzy, alt-pop sound, turning the event into a sing-along celebration. Their set culminated with their hit "Raining in Manila" a chart-topping song with record-breaking streams on Spotify Philippines. Thankfully, the party was still on the go as it did not Rain in Manila, but it was a definite storm of fun, great music and lots of yummy Yellow Cab Pizzas filled with flavor for everyone.

More games and surprises were up in between the concert. One was where people had to toss their half moon pizza to their team mate, and the first one who gets to the end wins. Another fun game happened, where participants had to guess the flavor of the pizza that they tasted while they were blindfolded. 

Everyone got to bring home exclusive merch from Syndrome Supply, from a pizza box full of shirt to exclusive keychains and more.  

Capping off the night was DJ Margachi with her high-energy set, she kept the party buzzing until the very end.

To More Pizza Parties?

Yellow Cab's "Best Ever Pizza Party" showcased their innovative spirit and commitment to quality, setting a new standard for pizza experiences. The introduction of Half Moon Pizzas marks the beginning of exciting menu advancements, promising further delicious options for their customers. 

Yellow Cab’s Best Ever Pizza Party was held in partnership with Mountain Dew and Pepsi, ensuring guests had refreshing drinks to complement their pizza feast. The success of this inaugural party makes it as the first of many  "Best Ever Pizza Parties" happening in the future for sure, in different locations.

To keep an eye out on where the next "Best Ever Pizza Party" will be, check out Yellow Cab's social media pages for updates and announcements:

Instagram: @yellowcabpizza

Tiktok: @yellowcabpizzacoofficial

YouTube: YellowCabPizzaCo

Facebook: YellowCabPizzaCoOfficial

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